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Club America: Looking To Soar Higher in 2024

MLS: Leagues Cup-Club America at Nashville SC with Club America Goalkeeper, Luis Malagón

As the 2024 season unfolds, Club America continues to demonstrate why they are one of the most formidable teams in Mexican football. Following their triumphant victory in the Apertura 2023 securing the mythical 14th league title, where they showcased their skills and unyielding determination, America is now eyeing more glory in a year packed with competitions.

Club America: Looking To Go Higher in 2024

Recapping the End of 2023 for Las Aguilas

The Apertura 2023 championship was a remarkable achievement for America. Finally getting over their eternal hump from the past few years and securing a league title. The squad, under André Jardine, displayed resilience and tactical prowess. Their journey to the championship was marked by memorable matches, showcasing of their strategic depth and on-field synergy. The final was a culmination of the team’s hard work in match that had fans celebrating at the end.

A Look Into 2024 So Far…

As we turn our gaze to 2024, it’s clear that Club America is not resting on its laurels. The team has a challenging year ahead, with participation in multiple competitions. In Liga MX, they continue to be a formidable force defending their current title. In the initial stages of the Clausura 2024 season, America has been off to a flying start. Maintaining an almost perfect record in their first few games. This includes significant victories on the road against likes of FC Juárez and Club Tijuana. In which they continued their trend of winning by 2-0 scoreline. Showcasing both offensive prowess and most importantly a defensive strength with a rotating backline. This thanks in particular to the exceptional performance of goalkeeper Luis Malagón. Club America has positioned themselves as joint leaders in the Liga MX Clausura 2024 alongside Monterrey and Tigres.

What Is to Come for Club America

However, it’s not just domestic glory that Club America is after. The Concacaf Champions Cup is at the top of the priority list for Las Aguilas this season. The competition presents an opportunity for them to assert their dominance on a broader stage. Not to mention its been quite sometime since this club have won this competition back in 2016. Plus, winning the tournament gives you a seat into FIFA’s new Club World Cup in 2025.

On top of CCL, America will also be on the hunt for this years Leagues Cup. In which they hope to erase the memories of that disaster exit against Nashville. This competition also presents an opportunity for the team to develop in their tactical versatility against diverse opponents. Additionally, the team will have Campeón de Campeones to worry about as well. A face-off between the winners of the Apertura and Clausura tournaments, is another chance for America to solidify their status as the kings of Mexican football. A victory here would not only bring glory but also a ticket to the Campeones Cup, where they would face the MLS champions.

What makes Club America’s quest in 2024 particularly exciting is their well-rounded squad. The team’s blend of attacking flair, midfield creativity, and defensive solidity makes them a threat in any competition. With the January transfer window coming to a close it was crucial that America was able to keep a hold of key players like Álvaro Fidalgo and Brian Rodríguez who where heavily rumored to leave. Its no doubt this squad will go under some disrupt come summer but for the first half of 2024 Club America will have all their key pieces with them.

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Last Word On Club America’s Busy Season

In conclusion, Club America’s 2024 season is shaping up to be an exhilarating journey. With the momentum of their Apertura 2023 triumph, a talented and versatile squad, and a clear vision of success, they are poised to make an indelible mark across all fronts. Whether in Liga MX, the Concacaf Champions Cup, the Leagues Cup, the Campeón de Campeones, or potentially the Campeones Cup, Club America will look to continue to soar high.


Photo Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports, of a Luis Malagón Headshot, on August 8, 2023.


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