Three Takeaways: Cloé Lacasse Scores First CanWNT Goal in Win

CanWNT forward, Cloé Lacasse, dribbles the ball on September 3, 2022

ANALYSIS – Cloé Lacasse scored her first-ever CanWNT goal as Canada got past Argentina with a 2-0 win in Cádiz, Spain. At a moment in the game, it looked like Canada was again having trouble dealing with a low block. However, Canada was able to deal with the adversity and get a 2-0 win against Argentina at Estadio Sanluqueño.

The CanWNT Earns a Win as Cloé Lacasse Scored her First-ever Goal

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Three Keys to the Game

Argentina Did Not Generate Many Scoring Opportunities

As well as Argentina was playing defensively, they did not generate many scoring opportunities. In fact, they had zero shots on goal, despite having four shots. These included:

  • Argentina’s Mariana Larroquette had a dangerous header that just missed the net.
  • An Argentina player was left wide open in the second half, but her shot was off-target.

Argentina had a few times to make the CanWNT pay. However, they never troubled goalkeeper, Kailen Sheridan, who did not need to make a save during the match.

Canada Did a Decent Job of Creating Chances Inside the Box

It was not great, but the CanWNT was able to create scoring chances by getting passes inside the box. This was seen throughout the game, including the goals scored by Cloé Lacasse and an own goal by the Argentinian midfielder, Vanesa Santana (even though it was originally awarded a goal for Evelyne Viens).

  • Nichelle Prince delivered a great pass to Adriana Leon, but she was unable to convert in the 36-minute.
  • Kadeisha Buchanan’s shot inside the box was stopped by Argentina goalkeeper, Vanina Correa.

There were also other opportunities, where Leon was set up a few times but was unable to convert or able to get a good shot off. She was unable to finish like the last two games against Australia, including the game where she scored a fantastic goal from just outside the box.

It is important to note though that another big reason Canada won was their pressure on Argentina’s defence. Yes, the defence was solid, but Argentina committed a lot of hard fouls on Canada, especially on Leon.

Argentina Committed Too Many Fouls and Was Not Disciplined Enough

The game was still tied with plenty of time in the second half. However, what was not talked about was the hard fouls Argentina was committing against Canada, especially against Leon.

  • Leon was fouled hard in the first half and no card was awarded.
  • Marina Delgado fouled Leon off the ball to get a yellow card. She then confronted the referee, which resulted in her getting a red card.

The pressure of Canada’s offence was something Argentina had to deal with. One of those ways was to get physical. However, in another way, it was good for a player like Leon to face this much attention, as she is likely to face that much attention in future games to come.

Other Factors

Of course, the story is going to be about Lacasse, who finally scored her first-ever goal for her country. More importantly, Canada won their third-straight game since losing to the USWNT in the Concacaf W Championship Final. It was also a good test for the CanWNT to face teams who play at a low block, which Canada had more trouble dealing with last year, which included the CanWNT’s 2-2 draw against Nigeria at Starlight Stadium.

As mentioned before, Argentina played well defensively. For example, Argentina cleared the ball twice including Delgado clearing the ball in the 19-minute. They also made sure Canada only had one shot on goal in the first half.

The good thing for Canada was the ability to generate scoring chances and score goals even without Christine Sinclair and Ashley Lawrence on their roster in October. This is important and shows that the CanWNT has at least some depth in its lineup. It is also good that Canada is showing progress in facing teams on the low block, as head coach Beverly Priestman said that both Argentina and Morocco would play like that.

Games Coming Up for Both Teams

The CanWNT will play one more game this month. It will be against Morocco at 10:30 AM ET on Monday. That game will be shown live on OneSoccer and Telus. That game will take place at Estadio Municipal de Chapin in Jerez, Spain. This is while Argentina will face a European team in Poland on Sunday, and the game is also at 10:30 AM ET. The game will take place at Estadio El Palmar in El Palmar (Murcia), Spain.