Braian Galván ACL Surgery: What it Means for the Player and Colorado Rapids

Braian Galván acl injury
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COMMERCE CITY, Colo.On Tuesday, the Colorado Rapids announced that winger Braian Galván has had surgery to repair an injury to his ACL and Meniscus during preseason. Let’s break down what this Braian Galván ACL surgery means for him and the club.

Braian Galván ACL Surgery: What it Means for the Player and Colorado Rapids

No timeline was given in the announcement, but it typically takes nine months or more. At best, Galván will be back for the final games of the regular season just in time for a run in the playoffs. At best. It’s likely Galván won’t return to his 2021 self until the middle of 2023.

This could be a “lifelong injury” in that it could limit the Argentinian’s potential going forward. It might affect him psychologically, being in the back of his head when an opponent comes in for a tackle. If this is the start of a trend, it could be career-defining.

The 21-year-old still has many years ahead of him. If he can ace the recovery, Galván can overcome and have a long successful career. Older and better players have had the same injury and comeback just as good less than two years later.

For the Rapids, this is a blow. He recorded two goals and three assists in 2021 after taking a year to adjust in 2020. He gradually fit into a wingback role and was effective on both sides of the ball. This year, one would have expected him to play regularly and certainly start more than 14 games. He would have played a mix of winger, wide midfield, and wingback. Seven to ten goal contributions wouldn’t have been out of the question.

This injury means more playing time for Jonathan Lewis and greater responsibility for Michael Barrios. Lewis had the best season of his career in terms of goal contributions as a starter. He will have to continue that progression to make up for the absence of his teammate.

Colorado will be fine at wingback/fullback with Lucas Esteves and Keegan Rosenberry and serviceable backups. They are now thin at winger with Barrios and Lewis as the only MLS veterans. Matt Hundley has yet to make his MLS debut and he might not be long for the first team, sources tell LWOS.

Could Max play out wide rather than in the midfield? Perhaps. Dantouma Toure and Darren Yapi could get minutes by coming off the bench to play on the flank. This injury makes it even more important that the Rapids sign a DP goal scorer during this primary transfer window. The wait for Padraig Smith and the club to make good on that continues.

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