Canada Gold Cup run starts with victory over Martinique

Canada Gold Cup

KANSAS CITY – The Canada Gold Cup campaign began with a bit of a scare, but ultimately they came out on top with a 4-1 victory over Martinique.

Canada Gold Cup run starts with 4-1 win over Martinique

Martinique got off to a fast start, with an Emmanuel Riviere goal on a breakaway. A pro-USA crowd was behind Martinique early in their match and the Riviere goal was met with cheers. Canada quickly got back into it as Cyle Larin, Jonathan Osorio, and Stephen Eustaquio notched goals within 10 minutes. Theo Corbeanu rounded out the scoring late in the second half. First Larin smashed a header in from close range, Osorio passed a rebound into the net, and Estaquio did the same.

The match was a bit testy as Estaquio, Steven Vitória, Mark-Anthony Kaye, Liam Fraser, Allistair Johnston, and Lucas Cavallini all picked up yellow cards. CONCACAF Gold Cup rules are that you are suspended after two yellow cards. So any of those six players will be suspended if they are to pick up a yellow card from their next match against Haiti, meaning they miss out on the marquee match of Group B against USA.

Three Thoughts

  1. Canada’s 3-5-2 was effective against weak competition. While Martinique showed some positive signs, it was overwhelmed with three midfielders and two incredibly positive wide players who pinned the fastbreaks in. While it will eventually be against tougher opposition it still wasn’t as clean as you would’ve hoped. A team more experienced, like the USMNT and even Haiti, will be able to punish them for the slopiness that was prevalent in today’s performance.
  2. Martinique will catch some on the breaks. Teams who play against Martinique should be wary of their speed. Canada obviously picked up plenty of yellow cards in this match trying to keep them from the break. Teams will need to limit when, and where they make their mistakes because it’s a fluid front three with pace, that know how to counter-attack really well.
  3. Theo Corbeanu put in a great performance off the bench and notched a good goal. The Wolverhampton man will be begging for more minutes if he keeps it up.