CPL: York9 FC changes their name to York United FC

York United FC Logo.

Canadian Premier League — Today York United FC is now the official new name of the York region’s team. Previously known as York9 FC, the team announced that they have changed their name.

York9 FC is now York United FC

The reason for the name change and a detailed look at their logo

York9 FC, the club that was formed in the Canadian Premier League in 2018 and began play in 2019 has officially changed their name to York United FC. The reason for the name change to York United FC is given in the video below:

Within that video, it talks about the word “United” and why the York region decided to change its name. As united can mean many different things to people. However, they have kept the “York9” name alive. Their nickname will still be known as “The Nine Stripes.” The nine represents the number of municipalities (cities and towns) in the York region. It can also be seen in York United’s new logo including their alternative mark.

Overview of the rebranding to York United FC

The name United and the logo’s link to the city of Toronto

United is a common and more traditional name seen around the world including MLS. It is a bit of a surprise though that they would change their name. “York9” was a more local name, which meant something more to the York region. However, saying that, the rebranding of the logo looks spectacular. It looks crisp and tidy and is a big improvement over their original logo.

It is also important to note that the new logo was inspired by the city of Toronto. This is what Angus McNab (York managing consultant) said about the new design according to Marty Thompson.

“Lake Ontario is linked together by rivers and waterways. York Region as it is, and the old historic city of York, Toronto, sits on top of Lake Ontario as we have noted with our alternate mark. Other elements of inspiration are the shield shape, from the Queen’s York Rangers – an army regiment that serves both the region and the city with Fort York and the Aurora Armory.”

Reason for the logo change for York United FC

The York Region is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and some of those municipalities border Toronto. Furthermore, their current stadium (York Lions Stadium), is in Toronto, the same city that hosts MLS-side Toronto FC. This is what McNab (York managing consultant) said about the new design according to Thompson.

“This is more a balanced look. The neon green we had before didn’t give much versatility in merchandising and range. This gives us many, many more options on the merchandise side things with navy, green, white, and gold. It has to stand on its own within the GTA; the neon green wasn’t necessarily practical as everyday wear for a lot of our fanbase, but we want things like polo shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters to be everywhere throughout the region and GTA.”

Lastly, congratulations to everyone involved with the York region team on their new name. As part of the GTA, York is required to think outside of the box in a crowded sports market that includes a popular professional soccer team in Toronto FC and today they have done just that.