Pro Foul Podcast: “Prose Lavoul” Podcast & talking Liga MX Femenil

Liga MX Femenil Podcast

Podcast — We’re back for another women’s soccer based show! That’s right, we say “women’s soccer” because we’re not just limiting our show to the NWSL! With R.J. Allen out this week, producer Ian Knighton stepped forward and led the Liga MX Femenil discussion.

Each member of the trio picked a team. Listen to see if you match up with Ian (Cruz Azul), Rachael Kriger (Tijuana “Xolos”) or André Carlisle (Chivas)! Don’t worry, next week we’ll be having R.J. pick a team, too.

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Topic 1: Will the NWSL Come Back? 

Topic 2: College Sports Being Delayed

Topic 3: Liga MX Femenil

Good Things and Rants of the Week

About the Pro Foul Podcasters

Rachael Kriger is a senior editor at Last Word on Soccer. At Last Word, she is the head Seattle Sounders writer and covers the NWSL and USWNT. She is also the social media manager for Equalizer Soccer and is in the NWSL Media Association.

Furthermore, Rachael is the communication director for the North American Soccer Reporters. A native of Moscow, Russia, Rachael grew up playing soccer and basketball. While she coaches basketball, her love of sports reporting stems with soccer. Follow her on Twitter, @RachaelKriger.

RJ Allen has been covering women’s soccer since 2016. She is currently the Editor-In-Chief of Backline Soccer and co-host of The 123rd Minute Podcast, the Attacking Half Podcast and The Pro Foul Podcast. You can find her on Twitter @TheSoccerCritic.

Follow @ProFoulPodcast on Twitter for all updates! We’ve got a lot of good stuff planned for 2020 and look forward to all of you joining us as we provide a platform for Women’s Soccer news, analysis and coverage for all.

André Carlisle writes some, tweets a lot and tires not to let soccer ruin his life — and he often fails at all three. Still, the sport is his favorite thing in the world and it is an honor to have it step on his emotions. If you want to read things that André writes, or laugh at his angst, you can find him on Twitter @not_carlisle, covering the Washington Spirit at Black and Red United or writing about Chelsea at We Ain’t Got Not History.

Also, like any dejected wannabe columnist in this era of digital media, he also has a newsletter called No Love in Fear — though he’s no quite sure what he’s doing with it yet. You have been warned!


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