LAFC, Banc of California End Stadium Deal

LAFC Banc of California

LOS ANGELES, Calif. –¬†A lot can happen in just a couple of years. Earlier this week Los Angeles FC announced a significant change is coming in the near future. After striking a deal in 2016, LAFC and The Banc of California have decided to restructure their partnership. While the original deal was reportedly for 15 years at $100 million, the new agreement means LAFC are looking for a new stadium sponsor.

LAFC, Banc Of California restructure partnership deal

LAFC President, Tom Penn, said in part,¬†“We are extremely proud of our relationship with Banc of California and all that we have built and accomplished together.” While neither the club or bank gave reason for the change, a full statement is available on the club’s site.

What’s In a Name?

Going forward, LAFC will now look to find a new sponsor for the stadium, which also means a new name. It’s human nature to resist change, and even though it’s only been two years, this is no different. ‘Defend The Banc’ has become a rallying cry for a majority of the LAFC supporters. There have been shirts, scarves, and even podcasts named as such. Not to mention, Defend The Banc, has a great ring to it. No offense, but it’s hard to imagine ‘Defend the Chase Center’ or ‘Defend LoFi’ would garner the same support.

Going Forward

While there have been no rumors or indications about the next stadium partner, who it ends up being may ultimately decide the longevity of The Banc. If it is something too long, too corny, or not quite as catchy, it’s possible The Banc, remains. It may seem hard to believe, but in a few short years LAFC and their fans have built the foundations for traditions. Defend The Banc, had been one of those traditions. It will be interesting to see how the supporters handle the change, now that there is no more Banc, to defend.

How do you feel about the stadium¬†changing names? Will you still refer to it as ‘The Banc’? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and make sure to follow @trebtracy for more tidbits and news on LAFC.

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