Rapids Captain Jack Price Embracing Leadership Role

captain Jack Price

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. – Jack Price was named captain of the Colorado Rapids going into this season. He takes over a position vacated by (the now un-retired) goalkeeper Tim Howard. Howard brought a wealth of Premier League and international experience. The Rapids started the season off well and are optimistic about making the playoffs with MLS set to resume play next month. Captain Jack Price is equally confident in his new leadership role.

Colorado Rapids Captain Jack Price For 2020

Price came to MLS in 2018. After a rocky start individually, he quietly became one of the better box-to-box TAM midfielders in MLS. Last year, he was the engine of an improved midfield under Conor Casey and set a record for set piece assist.

Price has had a leadership presence in the past. As a (mostly defensive) midfielder, he plays a natural field general position on the field. He’s spoke in the past about not being super vocal, but he’ll speak up to the group or an individual if something needs to be said.

“Obviously, it’s an enormous pride for me to lead the boys out every week, but I don’t change on the field or off the field, I’m still the same person, joking around of course. When it’s serious, I’ll be serious. It’s nice. You feel good wearing it,” Price told Last Word on Soccer.

The Rapids appear to have a good locker room chemistry. The players and coaches often say that there aren’t many egos and everyone puts the team first. Price can still comfortably one of the guys most of the time. He’s not trying to be the leader Tim Howard was, nor does he need to be.

He’s just doing more of what he’s always done with the Rapids. It’s fitting as they fly under the radar in MLS as they aim to play the playoffs.

While his teammates have endorsed him as captain, the decision came comprehensively from above:

“I think it was [Head Coach Robin Fraser], [Executive Vice President and General Manager] Padraig Smith, and the staff. They mentioned it in the last season, when Tim was on his way out, for me to come back and lead the boys. I’m old enough now, I’m 27, perfect age.”

In many ways, Price’s approach to becoming captain mirrors the club’s approach to the 2020 season. Pundits and fans in other markets might be underestimating them, but they’re going about their business quietly and with a good work ethic.

Do your job, focus on what you can control, and ignore everything else. Be “unremarkable, consistent, and hardworking” as Robin Fraser says. It’s not sexy, but it gets the job done. If Price and the Rapids can do that, they can make the playoffs.

In that regard, Captain Jack Price is just the leader the Burgundy Boys need right now. The only thing he needs to change is remembering to put the armband on before games.