FC Edmonton Preseason begins with Fitness and Team Building


EDMONTON, Alberta- Training camp for FC Edmonton has begun with fitness testing taking place last week, followed by a ‘character building’ session out in the wilderness. The objective of the coaches is to build team spirit between players and let them learn to work together by taking them into the wilderness and away from day-to-day life.

Local Talent Showcased

Building that team connection has been part of Jeff Paulus’ strategy from the get go.  He has been very specific on following the club philosophy of having ‘having young local players on the roster’.  As of February 27th, there were 13 Edmontonians, and 10 graduates of FC Edmonton Academy, Paulus tweeted. Out a total of 20 roster spots filled so far, fans will get a healthy dose of local, home-grown talent to watch.

With so many players that already know each other, the comradery is surely off to a good start. Take the three recent Academy graduates that were signed at the same time – David Doe, Prince Amanda, and Marcus Velado-Tsegaye. Doe is also expected to be a contender for spot at Olympic qualifiers. his bodes well for the team with expectations running high amongst early CPL supporters.

Others that are surely to have a common bond are the former University of Alberta players. Goalkeeper Connor James and forward Ajeej Sarkaria are two of at least five players from the U of A. Sakaria was chosen as part of the newly established CPL-USports Draft this past November. He was the team’s second round draft pick.

Former Eddies Return

Linking the past to the present will help build the continuity of FC Edmonton, reminding all of the new players on the roster about the history this team already has. On the roster are a few former Eddies from the NASL days, including Edem Mortotsi and brothers Allan and Bruno Zebie.

Experience to Build Younger Talent

Amongst the teammates will be the experienced players who will help lead and build the team as the 2019 Spring Season unfolds.  Numerous experienced players are joining the roster.

Young players on the Eddies will certainly look up to Randy Edwini-Bonsu, A veteran of Canada Soccer. Edwini-Bonsu has experience with Canada Soccer’s youth teams, as well as the Canadian Men’s National Team.

Surely to be a fan favourite, Son Yongchan, from South Korea has professional experience in Philippines, Singapore, and, recently, India. Having a tremendous showing at the #GotGame Trials in Toronto last year, Jeff Paulus said that Son “is the fittest player I have ever seen.”

With all of these different connections the various players on the roster share, surely Eddies’ outdoor team building excursion this past weekend will have been a success. From latest reports it has.

Preseason in the Dominican

Training camp resumed this Monday at the Edmonton Soccer Dome. The team is preparing for their trip to the Dominican with preseason beginning April 5th.