What ‘SaveDTheCrew’ Means to the City of Columbus

City of Columbus
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Editorial (October 12, 2018) – Nearly a year to the day that a city was on the verge of losing their professional soccer team, tears of sadness and lost faith soon turned to cheers of happiness and joy. That team, is Columbus Crew SC.

October 12, 2018 is the day that the infamous hashtag ‘SaveTheCrew’ became ‘#SaveDTheCrew.’

What ‘SaveDTheCrew’ Means to the City of Columbus

Since the dreaded day of October 17, 2018, the city of Columbus fought a battle most trolls said was a waste of time. But the dedication of Columbus natives, the City of Columbus, and support from not only nationwide, but WORLDWIDE, made the day possible.

What this means for the city is that not only will they have to bear the sight of a Columbus MLS or USL team, but it will be their Columbus team. History and all.

Many fans — excuse me — supporters, left their day jobs to make the trek down to Endeavor Brewing on the cities North Side of Columbus.

The scenes that flooded Twitter and Facebook of supporters wearing Black and Gold shirts, kits, whatever article of clothing their choice was today, showed that this city needs this team.

The hard work that has gone into building business allies, holding a positive rally on the front steps of City Hall, and telling everybody you know, has now paid off.

Although Columbus isn’t as pretty as Chicago or New York, it is still the most underrated home of the United States Men’s National Team.

The News Makes Its Rounds

Not only has this announcement touched the hearts of every single supporter in Columbus, it has also touched many former players.

Even current players were in on the fun. Defender Josh Williams went to the party after leaving the training ground. Adam Jahn made an appearance and started kicking around a soccer ball with some of the youth that were there.

Ghana native and defender Jonathan Mensah gave his subtle praise of the announcement.

Well, we can only assume this is in reference to the announcement.

The city of Columbus is well deserving of an MLS franchise. The thought of Columbus not having a professional soccer team is utterly disgusting and heartbreaking.

Kristina Balevska, a supporter of Crew SC, shared this on her Facebook page.

It’s not just an ordinary team. This is a team that brings joy to many.

October 12, 2018 is the day that the City of Columbus, Ohio made it possible that they ‘#SavedTheCrew.’

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