How many goals will Cristiano Ronaldo score in Italy this season?

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Editorial (August 21, 2018) – Football in Italy changed as soon as Juventus announced that Cristiano Ronaldo would join the team for the 2018-19 season.

How many goals will Cristiano Ronaldo score in Italy this season?

The Portuguese striker looked for another challenge in his prolific career and now aims to conquer Serie A. Of course, one of his objectives is to score as much as he can to help his new team win.

Ronaldo came into a league where he has a huge chance to become the new star, not mention the top goalscorer. However, the season has just begun but the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is ready to claim himself as the Serie A best player.

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The Serie A is a defensive league so far, it is not common teams scores more than three goals each match day. However, Juventus have undoubtedly the best forwards in the league who can destroy any defensive system.

Ronaldo did not score in Juventus’s 3-2 win against Chievo Verona in the first game of the season, but he had six shots on target, three of them saved by the goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino. It is just the begin of the season, and anybody should put Ronaldo on doubt.

Ronaldo has scored 25 goals or more in each of his nine seasons with Real Madrid, so it seems this year won’t be the exception. The way he plays says it all. He wants to score a lot in Italy to be recognized as the best ever.

Ronaldo has everything in his favor to score more than 25 goals for the tenth season in a row. Indeed, he can become the first Portuguese player in history who earns the Capocannoniere (Serie A’s highest-scoring player each season).

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Ronaldo has won three Golden Boots in his career, all in La Liga. The last one was his career best with 48 goals in the 2014-2015, but he also scored more than 40 goals in the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons.

Last season he netted 26 times in 27 games in Spanish first division, which is an outstanding feat. This season the Portuguese hopes to do so in Italy.

The Serie A characterizes to be a league with no a big amount of goals, it is rare that the Capocannoniere winner scores more than 30 goals.

The Argentinean Gonzalo Higuain has the record with 36 goals in the 2015-16 season, although, that can change this season.

If Ronaldo performs as he usually does, the Serie A fans might witness the first top scorer with 40 goals in a single season.

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