Austin City Council Approves Precourt Sports Ventures Stadium Project

Austin City Council
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Austin, Texas (August 15, 2018) — The Austin City Council held a special meeting on Wednesday regarding negotiations and executions of agreements with Precourt Sports Ventures (PSV). The special meeting was live streamed as it was a work session, but was closed for public comment.

Council Member Leslie Pool made her way to Columbus, OH two days prior to the infamous vote to speak with locals on how they would feel if the stadium passes. Members of the #SaveTheCrew committee welcomed her into a meeting where she sat and listened.

Just a day before, the CEO/Owner of the Columbus Eagles (member of the WPSL), Mark Wise released a letter regarding the PSV support of women’s soccer. There was none.

Austin City Council Approves Precourt Sports Ventures Stadium Proposal

A process that was supposed to last two and a half hours, lasted for almost five hours.

Language changes, amendments added and taken out, debates and discussion made a process much more complicated than it needed to be.

A lot of the votes passed 7-4, with Mayor Adler voting taking priority.

In all the amendments that were proposed, the deal was “the best in the country.” 

The stadium deal for McKalla Place in Austin, Texas received the unanimous 7-4 vote.

If one were to run down exactly what was being wheeled and dealed as far as amendments and language, this article would be probably more than 5,000 words. But we won’t do that to you.

Instead, search Chris Bils (writer for the Austin Statesman) or Andrew Erickson (writer for Columbus Dispatch) on Twitter.

What Happens Next?

Well, just because #MLS2ATX is a reality, doesn’t mean that there is still a way to keep Columbus Crew SC in Ohio.

In recent news, famous actor Mark Wahlberg claimed he would look into purchasing the team to keep them in Ohio.

Council Member Troxclair brought that up in the meeting, and that drew a lot of scoffs, groans, and even one “Are you serious?”

An MLS spokesperson shot down the claims.

Now, there is still the lawsuit in Columbus in regards to the “Modell Law” that claims an owner must give a six-month notice in relocating a team, and should entertain offers made by local investors.

As of now, that is the only thing left that could possibly keep the team in Ohio.

But Let’s Be Clear

The vote today was to move on with stadium negotiations. Precourt originally planned for play to start in 2019. That’s not going to happen as this process fell short of exactly ten months since Grant Wahl broke the news.

The folks at #SaveTheCrew still firmly believe that Columbus Crew SC will not be going anywhere, as they released this statement following the council vote.

Columbus is on the road this week as they travel to play Atlanta United in a double game week before moving on to face the Chicago Fire next Thursday.

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