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Sky Blue FC Left Side Setback

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Editorial (May 23, 2018) – Sky Blue FC play this season makes a fan forget their last place stigma. New Jersey’s defensive line up remains unchanged showing consistently. Sky Blue’s right side of manager Denise Reddy’s preferred 4-3-3 displays productivity for teams to focus on.

Sky Blue FC Left Side Setback

Savannah McCaskill blends in a veteran line up. She and superstar Carli Lloyd share the duties of attacking igniters for Sky Blue. Their talents roam to the left side where New Jersey turns cloudy.

Sky Blue played at second place Seattle Reign on May 12th. The Reign focused on New Jersey left side of Mandy Freeman, Janine Beckie, and Shea Groom. Sky Blue’s left-sided attack consists of direct runs to the goals or volleys to the stronger right side.

The defense gave up 12 goals this season. Fourth place Portland has the same amount. Sky Blue’s left side lack the creativity offensively and disciplined defending wise

New Jersey talented right side of Lloyd and Katie Johson poses a threat to score. Lloyd makes her presence known by her long-range shots and accurate passes. Her final connections close to goal, however, collapse amongst the multiple defenders marking her.

Sky Blue rotated players at the left midfield with hopes someone will solidify the spot. Raquel Rodriguez, Janine Beckie, and Thaysa failed to be the connection for proven goal scorer Groom.

New Jersey’s cloud may clear up by the end of this month according to their yearly almanac. Seventh place Sky Blue FC lost once in nine games starting with a draw against Chicago on May 29th, 2016. A sixth-place New Jersey squad defeated playoff-bound Orlando and Portland during this time giving Sky Blue respect in 2017.

Reddy brushes off notions to change the 4-3-3. The quality of a left midfielder might prevent Sky Blue’s summer swing. New Jersey 10th place standing looks gloomy. It’s depressing when you see the brief radiance on par with teams above them.

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