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Utah Royals FC Coronation Lacked An Arsenal: The Eternal Enigma.

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Editorial – The over 19,000 crowd at Rio Tinto Stadium came to see a coronation. Utah is now one of the soccer capitals of America. The Royals’ crests have more meaning now.

With Utah being a soccer capital, there’s more than love for the game. Great expectations of trophies need to be met. Utah may be stable in defense. The Royals’ attack varies by the opponent.

Utah Royals’ Coronation Lacked An Arsenal: The Eternal Enigma.

The Chicago Red Stars disappointed the Royal’s legion with their display of dominance. They controlled possession by the 20th minute. Arin Gilliland showed off her 1v1 skills on Utah’s right side.

Utah’s play led to multiple turnovers from Chicago. Chicago’s game-winning goal at the 27th minute by Danielle Colaprico came from a Royals’ dispossession. 

The Royals’ arsenal was route one football to escape Chicago’s high-pressure defense. The route was more successful than Chicago’s attack. Utah had more total shots, 13, to the Red Stars 10. The possession became even when the Royals’ defense stopped committing sloppy fouls.

The Red Stars were able to crack Utah’s defense in the 2nd half. Chicago continued to attack Utah’s right side through combination passes. Amy Rodriguez 77th minute substitution became the only rousing hope for Rio Tinto.

Utah would be patient in the back. Chicago’s manager Rory Dames was more confident, being aggressive. His players pressured the Royals’ defense to play faster.

The franchise moved west to become another American Soccer Capital. It still can be compared to FC Kansas City. Utah gave up two goals in three games. Third place Portland and fourth Chicago gave up more. The Royals, however, scored only one goal.

Utah Royals FC are halfway to greatness. They can defeat lesser squads with the Midwestern grit brought to the Rockies. FCKC problems of poor offenses came to Rio Tinto also. Rodriguez brief appearance was instant gratification for an everlasting dilemma: How long will this franchise’s great defense be wasted on years of mediocre offenses?

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