Houston Dash Together Now Y’all

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Editorial – The Houston Dash situation with Christen Press wasn’t dramatic. It’s business. Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC of Sweden may have offered a sweet deal.

Houston Dash Together Now Y’all

The other clincher in the Press overseas venture was maybe the fate of the Dash this season. A new coach in Vera Pauw emphasizes defense. Young unproven potential and Kealia Ohai coming back for a torn ACL could have made Christen dream of championships in Europe.

Can the Dash amaze their deserted world-class forward by being a team worth watching in 2018? Houston put on a stalwart effort in defense against last years’ semifinalist in Chicago. Granted, The Red Stars didn’t have their best players.

Chicago Red Stars missing players says more about their depth in not defeating a rebuilding Houston squad. The Dash were able to control the flanks with fullbacks Rachel Daly and Kristie Mewis. The Red Stars had sloppily committed four fouls in the first 45 minutes.

Houston’s attacking produced three shots on goal. Could Press have poached a goal for a victory? The Dash’s offense was silenced in the second half with one shot in total.

The Red Stars had three total shots in the match that ended as a draw. Chicago had more possession throughout the game. They became serious, pushing goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher up to spark an offensive attack.

The match went into stoppage time when a pass by Chicago midfielder Danielle Colaprico created a goal scoring opportunity for Taylor Comeau. Taylor’s goal erased Houston’s Kimberly Keever’s 38th-minute goal that had her hoping for three points. Savannah Jordan’s assist turns potential into talent.

Utah Royals FC have kept a ‘defense first’ reputation for the past two seasons. Houston’s second game against the Royals was physical on both sides.

The Dash defense had trouble connecting to the midfield. South African International Linda Motlhalo roamed into the defensive third to retrieve the ball. Motlhalo was often thwarted by Utah’s defense.

The Royals were comfortable playing in the back. The Dash weren’t aggressive enough in pressing the backline. Utah’s patience led to some attacking on the right side. Houston’s goalkeeper Jane Campbell had to work hard.

Fouls were rare. The game was tense but not reckless. A beautiful defensive 0-0 game for the neutral.

Hope Solo became a villain because of her personality. Megan Rapinoe kneeled. What Christen Press did was a sensible business model for a woman soccer player who can’t live off here soccer earnings until old age.

Press couldn’t save Houston’s season. At best, the Dash can have the mindset of the former KCFC teams grinding wins by the defense. Even new Royals manager Laura Harvey wants the new Utah team to be attack-minded.

Linda Motlhalo is 19 years old. Savannah Jordan is a rookie. Kealia Ohai may need a season to get used to playing soccer again let alone be an impact.

The Dash are now worshipping the cliche of teamwork. Vera Pauw can be the biggest voice to make them believers. Faith will be tested being baptized in the Texas heat the Dash can’t use to their advantage.

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