Carlos Cordeiro Wins USSF Presidency

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The votes are in and Carlos Cordeiro has won the 2018 USSF Presidential Election. All eyes of the soccer community were on Orlando when the United States Soccer Federation held their presidential election. For the first time since 2006, the USSF will have a new president. Cordeiro was able to rise to the occasion winning a key delegation based on his background in hope to unify the soccer community. 

Carlos Cordeiro Wins USSF Presidency

The Election

Three rounds of voting took place on Saturday. Voters had to make a decision out of eight candidates. Through the first two rounds of the election, Cordeiro held a close lead. The only other candidate coming close to him was Soccer United Marketing’s, Kathy Carter. Two former USMNT players, Kyle Martino and Eric Wynalda brought up the third and fourth positions. Cordeiro was able to declare victory in the third and final round. He accumulated the 50 percent plus one majority needed with 68.6% of the vote.

The driving force in his victory was the Athletes’ Council. They were able to swing the votes he needed to win. In the end, the players needed to show they can unify behind one candidate that could jump right in on the first day and know what to do. The reason for this confidence in him comes from his background.

Who Is Carlos Cordeiro?

The 61-year-old, former Goldman Sachs banker joined the USSF board as an independent director back in 2007. He spent the past two years as vice president for U.S. Soccer under Sunil Gulati. Viewed as an insider candidate, Cordeiro ran on a platform for change and transparency. After he won he reached out to his detractors. In a vow to earn their trust and collaborate with them in a united soccer community. 

Reaction to The News

What came from the players and fans were words of congratulations. They also voiced their hopes to see him put in hard work for the progression of the sport. Players including USWNT Alex Morgan and former USMNT Landon Donovan tweeted their congratulations to Cordeiro.

The American Outlaws called for a cohesive collaboration with the USSF to give full support to the National players they support while holding Cordeiro accountable in the future.


A Look Ahead

Time will tell what the Cordeiro era brings to U.S. Soccer. His first action will be to work with Gulati, the Mexican Football Federation, and the Canadian Soccer Association on the joint  2026 World Cup bid. If awarded would put his new federation into the spotlight. Let’s hope it is a shining example and not more of the same.

Cordeiro had a front-row seat to the missteps made by his former boss, Sunil Gulati. Let’s hope he can learn from those mistakes and transform the federation into a new post-Gulati era.

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