New York Red Bulls Need to Retain Gonzalo Veron

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With the New York Red Bulls season done for quite a few weeks now, the time has come to start dealing with the hard questions. One of the biggest questions this off-season is the future of Gonzalo Veron. With speculation starting to build, the Red Bulls should decide sooner rather then later whether or not to keep him. After seeing what he can do this past season, the answer should be clear.

New York Red Bulls Need to Retain Gonzalo Veron

Skills in 1v1 Situations

The man was the best on the team with this, period. Veron seemed to be the only player at times who had the skill and the confidence to take players on in 1v1, even 1v2 situations. Veron just simply knew what to do and more often than not it led to great things for the team. The potential for Veron to have a breakthrough season has always been there and this was one of the skills that showed how good he can truly be. Veron will certainly be on quite a few teams’ radar this off season.


Speed was one of the main aspects that helps Veron be as good as he is on the ball. His pace alone caused absolute nightmares for back lines. This season Veron blew by defenders on quite a consistent basis which pulled other defenders out of position to cover. This would more often than not lead to a dangerous chance for a shot, or to make the pass to set up for a teammate. Pace is something the Red Bulls lack severely and that may even be quite an understatement. Failing to retain one of the fastest players on your team who has a decent amount a skill will certainly be a major setback for the roster.

Difference Maker

Finally, Veron was just a flat out difference maker for the club, period. It didn’t matter if Veron had 10, 15, or 25 minutes coming off the bench. The second he stepped onto the field the game changed for the Red Bulls. The team finally looked like they had some energy once Veron got involved in the game. He scored six goals and tacked on two assists in the MLS regular season. While appearing 24 times, he only amounted 777 total minutes. That equates to just a hair over eight and a half total matches in the regular season. Veron most certainly made his time count in the 2017 season for the Red Bulls.

Final Thoughts

In the end for the Red Bulls, it is going to all come down to money. Veron had a base salary of $500,000 in the 2017 season. While the he did a lot for the short time he was allotted, the Red Bulls front office may feel that doesn’t equate to the amount he is getting paid. In the end, Red Bulls supporters would certainly hope a deal could be reached by the two sides. With a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of many players on this team, Veron is a talent they should desperately try to hang onto.

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