How to Stream the Six Nations 2023 using a VPN (virtual private network)

The Six Nations 2023 rugby championship trophy

Rugby Union – one of the most coveted sports in the world, but more popular within the big Six Nations that partake in the famous championship each year. Beginning on February 4 2023, this is one event most rugby fans will be looking to keep track of and watch.

Whether you are looking to view the competition for your own leisure, for coverage, or for betting, did you know, a VPN is one of the best ways to be able to view it for absolutely free? Normally, a select few countries will have the Six Nations 2023 on show for free – these include the UK, Wales, France, and Ireland. 
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The free-viewing content will mean that there are only select Six Nations 2023 fixtures being shown for each country – for example, the Welsh S4C will only be covering the Welsh games on that channel. The USA, Canada, Australia, and Italy will also show the Six Nations 2023 fixtures, but these are under subscription barriers.

How can I use a VPN to watch Six Nations 2023?

It is easy. Simply download your VPN (virtual private network) and use it in order to be able to get around any country restrictions, and begin your Six Nations 2023 venture! 

Some of the games will be restricted to be free on home channels only, as specified above, so using a VPN to get around these geo-barriers could help you save money and view all the Six Nations 2023 games you want to watch, no matter where you are in the world.

With ease, you’ll be able to watch the Six Nations 2023 with a VPN, in a few steps;

    1. Install a good VPN – we suggest ExpressVPN!
    2. Sign up with any website showing the Six Nations
    3. Connect the VPN to the according country
    4. Watch the rugby!

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How to watch Six Nations outside of your home country

The Six Nations games will officially kick-off on February 4th 2023 -streaming services such as the BBC, ITV alongside the respective TV channels will be showing selected matches. S4C will be aiming to air Welsh matches, whilst in Ireland, they will show games on free-to-air TV, RTE, and Virgin Media. 

RTE will aim to show all Welsh games alongside other games like; France v Italy , England v Ireland, and France v England.

All Six Nations games will be shown on NBC Sports for people in the USA – DAZN for Canada. Stan Sport will be the main outlet in Australia, while France TV will show the games in France. Italy will be able to access watching Six Nations 2023 using Sky.

Countries where Six Nations will be available for FREE:

  • UK

○ BBC iPlayer – FREE (sharing rights with ITVX)

○ ITVX – FREE (sharing rights with BBC)

  • Wales

○ S4C – FREE (selected games)

  • FR

○ France TV (FR2) – FREE

  • IE

○ RTE – FREE (selected games)

Countries where Six Nations will be available via paying/subscription;

  • US

○ NBC Sports Network (From $4.99/month)

  • CA

○ DAZN (CA$24.99/month)

  • AU

○ Stan Sport (Stan + Stan sport from AU$30/month)

  • IT

○ Sky (From 24,90 €/month)

What is Six Nations Championship, and its format

The Six Nations Championship is a rugby tournament that involves teams from England, France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The first-ever edition was played out in 1883 as the ‘Home Nations Cup’ and has evolved through the inclusion of France in 1949 [Five Nations], until the inclusion of Italy from 2000. Across the course of its history, it has become an integral part of rugby culture ever since.

A round-robin format is used in this tournament’s case – with each team playing the other once, promising a total of five games for every team. The latest edition was won by France in 2022, who hope to defend their title against the current World ranked number one side, Ireland.

Choose the best VPN to watch the Six Nations 2023

There is a number of VPNs on offer on the web, but there is a certain pick of the bunch when it comes to quality and reliability. 

ExpressVPN offers;

○ The best VPN to watch Six nations 2023 should have:

■ Fast and stable streaming speeds, ideally with unlimited bandwidth, so you can watch as much as you want in high resolution with minimal-to-no buffering

■ VPN servers in many countries worldwide, especially in the U.S., the UK, and Canada. (Incidentally, ExpressVPN has servers in 94 countries and counting—including all those mentioned above!)

■ Strong encryption and security, so you can privately enjoy the show without worrying about being tracked by your internet service provider

Founded in 2009, ExpressVPN is focused on providing only the best service to their customers – now being the largest premium VPN, taking the mantle of many people’s go-to service. It comes in the form of an application that can easily be downloaded for any device, including iOs, Android, Mac, Linux, even Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Using one of the most advanced VPN servers, it is the ultimate tool to stay safe and incognito on the internet – as well as unblocking streaming services from abroad, which is why it is ideal to stream the Six Nations 2023.

Is ExpressVPN private?

Absolutely. It has a very strict policy which means it has no activity or connection logs. It also provides a great interface which cannot be tracked by other users or any third party, so you can browse in complete privacy.

Is the customer support good?

ExpressVPN creates a sense of stability with its great customer support – a 24/7 live chat that is available to you at any time. A risk-free money-back guarantee if something doesn’t work out within 30 days of your purchase too.

Is ExpressVPN good for streaming?

One of the best. It unblocks a lot of streaming sites such as Hulu, Netflix, iPlayer, HBO, and much more. The speed of the VPN makes it all the more of an ideal tool to use when attempting to watch movies and shows from elsewhere.


The Six Nations 2023 continues, with Round Four fixtures on Saturday, March 11/Sunday March 12:

  • Italy v Wales – Stadio Olimpico, Rome

  • England v France – Twickenham Stadium, London

  • Scotland v Ireland – Murrayfield, Edinburgh (Sunday, March 12).


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