Elton Jantjies scandal: Another one to deal with

Elton Jantjies scandal
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The Elton Jantjies scandal continues to grow. He was accused of harassing an air hostess a few months ago. This weekend, he was sent home from Argentina along with the Springboks team dietician after an extra-marital affair was exposed.

Elton Jantjies scandal

Jantjies attracted attention prior to the incoming Wales tour to South Africa. He was accused of harassing an air hostess on his return to South Africa. It was claimed that she hid in a toilet while he banged his fists on the door. The claim quietly disappeared and Jantjies was free to play in the Test Series against Wales.

The current issue

The current Elton Jantjies issue is that he appears to have had an affair with team dietician Zeenat Simjee. There are allegations that they were at two guest houses before the first Test against New Zealand’s All Blacks in Mbombela. The allegations include that there were noise complaints against the couple. They are also accused of not paying an R20 000 bill at both guest houses.

Two concerns

There are two concerns that need addressing. Jantjies is in the news too often and what are the Springboks protocols?

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This does not need too much explanation. Two serious allegations within three months. Selectors and sponsors will have their eyes open to the risk to their own reputations and brands.

Springbok protocols

Here we have a problem. The individuals have been absolved of breaking any Springbok protocols. That is surely not right unless the protocols are not comprehensive for professional sports.  There are two issues here. The first one is that the image is not good for a national team. A professional team should not accept romantic relationships between group members. The other is that the alleged walking away from accounts also brings the team or game into disrepute.

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