Is Rassie Erasmus running a second Twitter account to highlight wrong calls?

British and Irish Lions and Springbok squads

Eagle eyed Twitter users have started to notice that Rassie Erasmus may well be using a second, ‘burner,’ account to highlight calls that have gone against the Springboks on the 2021 Lions tour.

Rassie Erasmus’ 2nd account?

An account that began with 0 followers, replied to Erasmus’ tweet, congratulating the Lions for their victory, and explaining there were no excuses from his camp. That account had now risen to nearly 500 followers as a result of Erasmus.

The account had never tweeted prior to this exchange, but has now added some high quality, and extremely detailed analysis video of the first test, something you’d expect from an international coach. The only likes on the page are from clubs he was involved with at the time of those particular tweets, and to add further fuel to the fire Rassie Erasmus’ birth name is Johan.

The bio now says “The real RASSIE ERASMUS.” Coincidence, or a double bluff?

The account handle is @thenosyone987, the nosy one being a little nod to his covert skills to espionage fellow rugby accounts without being noticed, until now!

Whoever is running the account has a good eye for analysis and a good sense of humour, that’s for sure! As the mind games continue with Warren Gatland, and the Lions coach takes footage to referees to highlight areas that aren’t being picked up, is this just the next roll of the dice from the South African camp and Rassie Erasmus.


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British and Irish Lions and Springbok squads