The San Diego Legion returning to hometown Carlsbad, San Diego base

The San Diego Legion returning to hometown Carlsbad, San Diego base

There is some good news for San Diego Legion fans. On April 12, the side returns to their San Diego hometown base, and resume their training at Carlsbad.

The Legion will play the rest of their home games at San Diego, having only played one home game this year in a temporary base in Las Vegas, Nevada. That was because earlier this year, the Legion decided to play their 2021 MLR home games in Nevada as a safety measure. This was because of the worsening COVID-19 situation in California [at the time].

But with improved statistics and vaccination programs, the good news is out.

San Diego Legion are coming back home

The Legion currently has one win and two losses in the still-new 2021 MLR season. They will first play on the road against the Houston SaberCats before making a return at home against the Utah Warriors. That game will be played on April 17. This is what Darren Gardner, Executive Chairman at the Legion said about the news according to the San Diego Legion:

“Once the team is settled back in San Diego, we look forward to reconnecting with our fans and the San Diego community more generally.”

There has been no news of fans attending games at San Diego, most likely at Torero Stadium to watch their team in Major League Rugby (MLR) action. However, it is also something that might in fact happen to witness Legion players like Chris Robshaw and Ma’a Nonu. For example, at Lupo Family Field in Marietta, Georgia, home Rugby ATL, a limited number of fans attended the game. This was seen on April 3, where 750 people attended the 41-22-win Atlanta had over San Diego.

Could the Toronto Arrows play home games in Toronto

This is great news for San Diego and for California rugby. Most importantly, for the players and staff, it is a huge relief that is off their shoulders. Some players have families back in their home market and it could affect their play on the field.

Unfortunately, for the Toronto Arrows, the situation is much more complex. San Diego only had to move between different states. For the Arrows, their home market in Toronto, Ontario is in a different country. Therefore, playing home games between Canada and the U.S. becomes quite difficult. It is not uncommon for Canadian teams in a U.S.-dominant league to play no home games in Canada. This was the case last year with the Toronto Blue Jays and this is currently the case for the Toronto Raptors.


For San Diego Legion fans, that news is confirmed, The Legion’s first home game will be against the Utah Warriors on April 17 at 4:00 PM PT. They also host the New England Free Jacks on May 1 at 4:00 PM PT.


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