Bristol Bears’ new training ground (images inside)

Bristol Bears have had their new training ground worked on over lockdown and it is now near completion. The construction company used to develop the site have released images of the sparkling new facilities.

Bristol Bears’ training ground looking smart

The training round is not only state of the art, but looks extremely smart. As part of the vision created by billionaire owner Steve Lansdown, the training facilities now owned by Bristol Bears will undoubtedly aid them in their quest to be among the best not only in England, but in Europe.

For years, Racing’s stadium has been the much-debated facility within rugby, but Bristol may well have just sneaked into that top spot.

Bristol Bears
Modern design work adorned by the Bears logo. Credit Beard Construction.

Work still to do

There is still work to go on parts of the site, per image below, but you can start to see how the site is coming together. Undoubtedly one of the reasons they’re attracting world class talent.

Bristol Bears
Ground work still to complete, but main buildings taking shape. Credit Beard Construction.



Wide view of one of the buildings on site. Plenty of outdoor and indoor space ready to be utilised. Credit Beard Construction.

Doorway to success

For any side to have success at the highest they must have everything in place. Not just do you need a quality team and coaching side, but you need the facilities, stadium and training, to compliment them.

Doorway to success. Bristol’s entry to success? Credit Beard Construction.
You can’t miss the messages and culture when you’re in Bears town. Credit Beard Construction.
One of the indoor analysis rooms. Including rugby pitch carpet, incase they want to try any new ideas out…. Credit Beard Construction.
Changing/bathroom facilities. Credit Beard Construction.
The view from one of the so-far unfurnished rooms. Credit Beard Construction.
Wooden design helps keep the looks and content of the facilities up to date. Credit Beard Construction.

The facilities may be a way off completion in terms of full usage, but the basic structures are now fully in place and it’s just a matter of polishing their very golden jewel in their crown.


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