Fans, fans, fans everywhere; Super Rugby Aotearoa

Fans, fans, fans everywhere; Super Rugby Aotearoa
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When numbers count, the figures for attendance at Super Rugby Aotearoa matches in rounds one and two may reach unfamiliar heights. Yet, in unfamiliar times [Covid-19 enforced] something that is positive is very much required.

The positives from rugby resuming are untold. In terms of social importance, in participation in part by the teams as well as the fans. Fans, fans, fans are out in force, boosting attendance at the ground and hugely improving viewing figures for the broadcaster.

Is this a natural occurrence? Some might say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and self-isolating and in Lockdown, the ability to attend and to be social is a big factor. Not hampered by restrictions [as such]. fans poured into Forsyth-Barr Stadium and Eden Park (see main photo) in Round One of Super Rugby Aotearoa.

Now the second round is about to be played, more fans can absorb that special feeling that a full house can provide. FMG Stadium Waikato and SKY Stadium. Crammed in, the Saturday and Sunday fixtures will bring more positive vibes to the domestic rugby competition, that celebrated being the World’s first professional sport to have unrestricted crowds.

Fans, fans, fans everywhere; Super Rugby Aotearoa

When the turnstiles were sitting idle, players, as well as fans and stadium staff, were forced to stay away from the rugby ground. No games, no attendance. And for that reason alone, may account for the huge patronage.

Looking at the human traffic of the throng of people arriving for games, must have been satisfying for the concession stands. Food, beverage, merchandise sales, were all above average.

Hell, the BLUES actually sold out a match (the first time since 2005).

And why is that? Absence again, however, the context of the competition is another reason. Isolation has caused New Zealand Rugby to look inwardly. Yet, as if being the most successful conference in the SANZAAR union. Although, presuming so was would have been counterproductive.

Aside from the obligatory marketing, the fans returned in their droves. Proving that purchasing a ticket is still a habit that New Zealand rugby fans can easily slip back into. Wanting to but also being ‘able to’ go to a game was a very attractive option.

And in Hamilton, and in Wellington this weekend, fans will again be everywhere.



  • Saturday June 19 – Chiefs v Blues, FMG Stadium
  • Sunday June 20 – Hurricanes v Crusaders, SKY Stadium


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