Play our game of interactive Rugby union Top Trumps

rugby union Top Trumps

Bored of no rugby to watch? Here at Last Word on Rugby we’ve got you covered with our very own game of rugby union Top Trumps’. Just print this article out and cut the cards out to play with friends or family, especially your children!

Below are 32 cards of current and legendary international rugby players that you can enjoy until rugby action resumes. Play on height, weight, banter*, age and Top Trumps tackle rating. Also read the fun description of each player with interesting facts, stats and opinion on each player.

*On how much of a personality they are, how much fun they are or how they portray themselves in a fun manner.

How to play

Ok, for anyone who has never played the game it’s a very simple card game.

You each start with 16 cards each. Determine who goes first and they pick a category. Highest wins on each of the categories, except age, where youngest wins.

If you lose the round then the other player gets your card and the game continues until one player holds all of the cards in the deck.

Some players are more balanced and ‘legend cards’ are typically the best all-round cards to play with.

About our rugby union Top Trumps

In our 32 cards are players from all over the globe and have covered the past few decades of rugby union. Most countries have one forward and one back involved, with some earning ‘legend cards’.

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Enjoy and let us know who you’d like to see on our cards in the future.

You can also pass the time with our bumper rugby union quiz.

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rugby union Top Trumps
Play our game of rugby union ‘Top Trumps’ by printing this article out and cutting the cards out. Credit @Rreesrugby/Top Trumps