Rousing rugby anthems

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Singing national anthems before rugby Test matches is a great way for the crowd to get themselves into the game. But which are the rousing rugby anthems that touch even neutral fans?

The fans’ choice

Ryan Jordan polled rugby fans on social media platforms and came up with some interesting results. There was some support for the likes of Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa. None of those anthems came close to being the most popular in the opinion of those who responded.

In the traditional North vs South battle, the Northern Hemisphere won this one hands down.

Rousing rugby anthems

We take a look and listen to the anthems that were the most popular.

Flower of Scotland

Scotland’s anthem was mentioned more than any other by a large margin. The passion with which the Scots belt out the words is impressive and we can only let their fans show us why their anthem is so popular with rugby fans around the world.

Land Of My Fathers

More correctly known as Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau to those proficient in Welsh, this is a rousing rugby anthem that never disappoints. The Welsh are well known as passionate vocalists. Their male voice choirs are legendary. In this clip, the Wales team and crowd lay down the challenge to visiting England.

La Marseillaise

Les Blues tend to blow hot and cold on the field. The same cannot be said of their efforts in singing their national anthem. La Marseillaise is by is nature a rousing anthem and was written during the French Revolution.

French rugby is built on emotion. There are times when the crowd helps lift this rugby anthem to another level.

Fratelli d’Italia

This anthem was originally written in 1847. It was adopted as the provisional Italian national anthem after the Second World War and was only officially adopted as the national anthem in 2017. It may have taken a very long time to be given the official status, but the Azzurri have always put their heart and soul into their anthem.

Ireland’s Call

Ireland’s Call is not actually a national anthem at all. It is a compromise between Northern Ireland; who use “God Save the Queen” as their national anthem. The Republic of Ireland use  “Amhrán na bhFiann”, known in English as “The Soldiers Song”.

The history is divisive. For a few minutes at least, fans from either side of the border can assist in readying the island’s team for battle.

Rugby anthems – the final verse

As with all popularity polls, your favourite might not feature. If you see our poll coming soon asking for your favourite supporter song (not anthem), make sure you vote to have your voice heard.


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