Welsh Rugby Union donates unused matchday food to homeless

The Welsh Rugby Union has donated all the food prepped and made for the postponed Wales vs. Scotland game to the homeless to ensure it wouldn’t be wasted and go to a worthy cause.

Food donation that means a lot for the needy of Cardiff

The homeless on Cardiff’s street will get a much-needed meal when the Welsh Rugby Union’s matchday food makes its way towards them.

The game’s late postponement has caused much stir among the rugby community who have traveled far and at great expense for the match, but this one deed certainly gains the WRU plenty of credibility back.

Those less fortunate than many of us will have the chance for a proper meal, which many won’t have on day-to-day basis.

Welsh Rugby Union following football’s steps

The gesture follows in the footsteps of Aston Villa FC who donated 850 staff packed lunches and hot food for their postponed game is being donated to support homeless charities.



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