Kick-off the 2020 NRL Telstra Premiership

Kick-off the 2020 NRL Telstra Premiership

With a day to go until the 2020 NRL Telstra Premiership begins, one of the most popular leagues in the Southern Hemisphere will again ‘bring it’ for another season.

Running from March 12 until the Finals Series in August. The proceeding 25 rounds of the Premiership draw will play out naturally. Form or favouritism changing to suit the best performing teams. That is sport, and in a long season, each side will need to take their chances.

16 teams are competing for the famed Provan-Summons trophy. The title that can recognize the team who has the temerity, consistency, and application. The reward is the crown yet along the way, each of the 16 competing clubs will chip away at the opposition. Minute-by-minute, game-by-game.

Kick-off the 2020 NRL Telstra Premiership

Don’t see this as a prediction. Far from it. The choices are wide, with some believing that when it kicks-off, the current title holders are naturally the favourites.

So starting with holders the Sydney Roosters, you couldn’t find a more representative side, than the club in the Eastern Suburbs of ‘rugby league town’. New South Wales is the center of Australian Rugby League, the center of the field for the 2020 NRL Telstra Premiership, with the Queensland sides on that side of the mark; and the Canberra and Melbourne sides on the opposing half.

Throw in the New Zealand Warriors, who could be seen as outside the field, but Kiwi rugby league fans have always been a foundation of the league. So many of the games leading players come from New Zealand, the Pacific Islands or nations like Papua New Guinea or England, the ‘imports’ always bring more flavour to the competition.

The fans offer that too. The league community is building up to the start of Round One – and from the reaction of players and stakeholders, they are too.

Ever-evolving too. The Premiership has adapted to the times, become more professional and defined. Now, with the addition of the Women’s Premiership and all the supporting grades. it has become an industry. Successful, marketable and popular.

So again, we will get on the ‘NRL ship’. Some lifelong, diehard fans. Others who enjoy the contest, find their club that matches their values – from Australia to North America. That is key, as the sport is blue-collar as such, but appeals to a wide audience.  The aggressive, front on style of play, with the athletism and passion.

That’s the NRL. It begins this Thursday, and we will follow it just like you.  


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