There is still Rugby Sevens to play; HSBC Canada 7s

Men's & Women's HSBC Sevens Series Awards 2020 winners announced

Losing matches, suspended competitions and leagues are bad news for sports fans yet, there is still Rugby Sevens to play; the HSBC Canada 7s this weekend to be precise.

Whether your one game was postponed due to any interruption – COVID19 and the global impact of the Coronavirus outbreak being a monumental intrusion. So looking around, many rugby fans may find a degree of solace in 7s. While short term; in regards to the seven-minute halves, and that the XVs game will recover quickly as society will.

And rugby is integral in many communities. But while health officials speak of the risk of fans grouping together in areas affected with a Coronavirus outbreak, gladly, Canada has not been exposed to a high degree. It meant teams had less restrictive travel conditions. Yes, they took all precautions after competing in Los Angeles a week earlier. And that factor will not interrupt the fan experience.

Sevens is an experience. It transfers well as a broadcast sport too. The production qualities of the World Rugby Sevens Series is first-class, so any fan tuning in will instantly find something to return the smile to their face.

There still is rugby to enjoy. And the HSBC Canada 7s is a showcase for the men’s world series, which is still a close contest across the leading nations.

There is still Rugby Sevens to play; HSBC Canada 7s

Leg number six of the HSBC Sevens Series, will bring the world’s best players to Vancouver. BC Place is an amazing covered stadium, which brings a unique version of the game. Running on the artificial turf can seem to add a little bit of explosive energy to the naturally gifted sevens players. And expect that to be on offer in spades over Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend’s action on March 7-8 has something for everyone. The draw has pitted several top 5 teams against each other. The hosts Canada seem to have picked out the trending French team, and the team ‘on the rise’ Fiji.

France has made several Cup finals and has a degree more of a consistent approach than in the past. It is paying dividends, as the confidence in all of French representative rugby has grown in strength over the last year. From Under 20 World Champions, to leading the Six Nations, Les Bleus always put on their best when the heat is on.

If they face Fiji and Canada, then the fourth-ranked Sevens Series side seems ready for the task. Better placed in 2020, than ever before.

Fiji have secured a win this season, although in the last World series playoffs, the Blitzboks have been successful. It is the knockout nature of the sport. Reach the quarterfinals, and each game counts. New Zealand suffered that over the last couple of tournaments, having to settle for third place in Los Angeles.

France also has to improve on their conversion rate – this weekend could be their opportunity. The HSBC Canada 7s has not seen back-to-back winners in four years, so no one team has dominated. That could see other teams feel they have a chance to reach the Cup final too; think the hosts Canada, Australia or even Spain who are performing admirably.

Motivation is key. As any leading head coach would tell you ‘player rotation, substitutes, regaining possession at the kickoff and offensive-defence’ are factors that point teams in a winning position. Outscoring your opposition too is all-important.

More 2019/20 Sevens Series points up for grabs

In the LA7’s final, the Blitzboks regathered in a Fiji first-half lead, to grab the series points out of the hands of the Olympic champions. That saw the South African team haul in the All Black 7s series lead. It is down to four points, with Fiji a further  17 points below the Blitzboks. So the winners 22 points can remedy any side’s series standings total (at this stage).

Earning a win can be as much about attitude in defence, above any set-plays. And while flair and natural ability will always advance a player, a team that combines well in all facets of the game, will triumph in the end.

Follow the action from the HSBC Canada 7s on the World Rugby Sevens Series Twitter and Instagram accounts. Live-action can be found around the world on broadcast television, from NBC in North America to SuperSport in Africa. The coverage is widespread, with fans in both hemispheres looking for live rugby (after many matches and series have been interrupted due to player welfare/health concerns).

2020 Canada Sevens – BC Place, Vancouver. March 7-8

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