Toronto Wolfpack vs. Wigan Warriors game analysis

The Toronto Wolfpack vs. Wigan Warriors was the third game in the Wolfpack’s young Super League season. Rugby superstar Sonny Bill Williams was not present in the game, as he and his wife celebrated the birth of his fourth child.

It was also their third-straight loss to begin the season. Like the previous two games, the Wolfpack started the game with a first try of the game. However, they ended up losing the game 32-10 at the DW Stadium.

Here’s an analysis of how the Wolfpack can move forward from here. This includes what they did well and what they need to improve on in their future Super League games.

What the Wolfpack did well

The most obvious one Is their positive start in both halves against the Wigan Warriors.

Toronto Wolfpack v. Wigan Warriors game review

Positive start – Toronto Wolfpack v. Wigan Warriors

The Wolfpack, like the previous two games, started the game with a try. In both halves they put the Wolves under pressure and scored the first try in both halves. A deflection of a Josh McCrone kick gave Matty Russell scored the first try of the game.

Ricky Leutele also played a part as he drew a penalty that resulted in the try. Then in the second half the Wolfpack looked very good again and scored the first try again. They may have lost this game, but if they can keep it up they will eventually get their first-ever Super League win.

Competitive against the opposition

The Toronto Wolfpack looked like the better team in the first 18-20 minutes of both halves. They oversaw the game and were hardly making mistakes. The Wolfpack deserved better considering how well they played in parts of the game. However, the biggest problem for the Wolfpack is the turnovers committed in each game. It hurt them again on Thursday and will continue to hurt them against other Super League teams.

Turnovers the story of the game

The Wolfpack are finding out that a few mistakes can cost them the game. Liam Kay made a mistake in the 23 minute in securing the ball. They also allowed Wigan to gain three new sets of tackles that allowed them to take the lead to end the first half. Lastly, the bad drop-kick by McCrone ended the positive possession the Wolfpack had in the game. However, the fault should not go on McCrone alone.

The Wolfpack’s defense should have been better as Wigan scored from the opposite side of the field. These mistakes will need to be minimized and cleaned up for future games. The other area they need to work on is maintaining momentum after scoring the first try.

Maintaining pressure

It was great that the Wolfpack scored the first try of both halves. However, after that try, the Wolfpack are unable to score again. This is while the Wigan Warriors scored six tries within that timespan. This is especially true in the first half where they are defending for many sets allowing Widnes to take the lead into half-time.

If the Wolfpack can clean those two areas up, they should get their first Betfred Super League to win sooner rather than later. There were also players who performed well for the Toronto Wolfpack like Gareth O’Brien.

Toronto Wolfpack’s Player of the Game

Bodene Thompson

Thompson played a fantastic game for the Toronto Wolfpack. He had a great partnership with Gareth O’Brien at the DW Stadium. Then for the second try, Thompson was the one who scored that ended up tying the game at 10-10.

A lot of credit should also be given to O’Brien, who played well all game today. He made an excellent pass to Thompson for the Wolfpack’s second try. Blake Wallace also played well, being very aggressive in the first 15 minutes of the game. Leutele was all over the ball for the Wolfpack. He created deflections and kept the pressure on for the Toronto Wolfpack.

Toronto Wolfpack v. Wigan Warriors – Game overview

Overall, it was a decent performance by the Wolfpack. The scoreline should have been closer as the Wolfpack played well at DW Stadium. It was only in the last 20 minutes when the Wolfpack lost the momentum that Wigan really ran away in the game.

It was a much better performance from the Wolfpack compared to the game against the Castleford Tigers. However, the Wolfpack need to put this game aside and look at the games coming up in Super League. Their next game will against the Warrington Wolves at Haliwell Jones Stadium in Warrington. The game will take place on Friday, February. 21.

The next match after Warrington will not be an easy one for the Toronto Wolfpack. According to the Toronto Wolfpack schedule, they will be heavy underdogs as they face Super League champions St. Helens R.F.C. on Saturday, February. 29. This game will take place at a neutral site at Halliwell Jones Stadium in Warrington. After that, they faced the Leeds Rhinos on Thursday, March 5 at Emerald Headingley Stadium.

Lastly, the Wolfpack will play at Hull College Craven Park against Hull Kingston Rovers. This game will take place on Sunday, March 15. Of the next four, the Wolfpack has faced three of these Super League teams before. This includes the Toronto Wolfpack’s thrilling one-point win over the Rhinos at Emerald Headingly Stadium in 2018. One can read more about these two teams in this previous article.


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