The message fans must share following the Rugby World Cup

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With the World Cup over, there is a message that everyone should share and hope that those who watched rugby for the first time during the Rugby World Cup, will follow them into supporting regular domestic rugby.

The message ‘Rugby needs new fans’

Clubs need more supporters through their gates and drinking pints in their clubhouses. This is a fact both at professional level and grass roots. Domestic rugby sides often find themselves on their knees whilst the international stadiums are full.

If rugby is to develop and become richer, not with money but with strength in depth in all areas, and the best way to do this is for those who currently just watch international rugby to go and watch their local sides.

Here at Last Word on Rugby we have that message that you can share. So, head over to Twitter and spread the word far and wide.

After the Rugby World Cup, there is more Rugby to enjoy

Don’t forget, international test player’s started at a rugby ground near you. Most were developed at a team-based near to you. Help those clubs survive and enjoy some quality rugby all year round whilst doing so.

It’s better value for money than international games and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have contributed to strengthening rugby in your country and local area.

The message is; post the Rugby World Cup – continue to watch, and enjoy this game!


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Rugby World Cup
Llandovery RFC’s ground, Church Bank, credit Robert Rees.