Coaches excited by Premiership Rugby Scholarship Programme

Attempts by Premiership Rugby to grow the game of Rugby Union in the US have led to an opportunity for coaches from America to travel to the UK to learn and liaise with British coaches.

The Premiership Rugby Scholarship programme is being run by Premiership Rugby in partnership with the Friends of the British Council and USA Rugby and is aimed at not only growing the experience of coaches on the pitch but also at sharing the many stories of social assistance and societal improvement that rugby has been so instrumental in implementing.

Core values of rugby

Coaches from across the pond will learn  the many ways in which rugby clubs have been engaging their players, fans and communities to install the core values of rugby.

One of those taking up the challenge is current Director of Rugby and 7s at Indiana University, David Fee. He will be the next year visiting the UK and is determined to make the most of his opportunity.

“I want to meet a lot of great coaches who’ve worked at such high levels in England and have worked with Premiership Rugby.

“I also want to learn how to develop my players – and myself – off the field. There’s a lot to be said about the mental side of the game, even though I have the technical knowledge because of my playing experience”.

Incorporating data and technology

“There’s also the business aspect of the game, which the programme could help with. I’m really keen to see how the teams are incorporating data and technology into their game.”

David is just one of a collection of coaches who, as part of their roles, are visiting the UK to experience and learn about the techniques, strategies and methodologies that Premiership coaches are engaged in on a day to day basis.

US coaches who wish to be part of this initiative can apply to Premiership Rugby directly. The next visits are planned for November this year.

Main image credit: Embed from Getty Images