Gloucester to bring in ”imports” as front row injuries continue

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Following their narrow defeat at home to Harlequins Gloucester head coach Johan Ackermann aired his frustration at refereeing inconsistencies around the park with Gloucester to bring in ”imports” as their front row injuries continue.

Inconsistency proves costly as Gloucester struggle to adapt

Ackermann was clearly peeved at the inconstancy shown by the match officials all around the park, highlighting that team’s suffer week-to-week due to changes in refereeing styles.

”It differs so much week by week. one week you get penalised in a maul and the next week it’s allowed. The one scrum is a free kick for an early binding and the next one is just a reset. 

It’s just the inconsistency to me at the moment, It’s bit frustrating and then the involvement of the AR’s. Some games they don’t get involved at all. For 40 mins nobody got involved and then suddenly in the second half they said we were offside. There were probably offsides in the other half.”

Despite the despair at the inconsistencies shown towards them he insists that it wasn’t the sole factor in them losing the tie, saying, ”We didn’t lose because of poor officiating, we lost because we’re not good enough at the moment in our skill, execution and decision making. I don’t know how many tries we left out there, so we just need to get better on the pitch, train better and then on matchdays make sure we see and use those opportunity.”

Attacking gameplan will continue

When questioned about whether Gloucester’s attacking attitude puts them under self-inflicted pressure Ackermann shrugged it off and saying ”We should have run more today, I’m frustrated that we didn’t run more. we probably could have played wide when we played short and played short when we played wide. There is nothing wrong with our approach and how we want to play the game.

There were opportunities right till the end to score but we get run out of the touchline. you get told from a school level, don’t run at the touchline. so it’s our error that costs us in games. It’s nothing that other teams do special.

It’s hurting, it’s sore, its not nice to lose, nobody likes to lose. lets get it out our system tonight. come back Monday and be better, train better, prepare better and play better next week.”

Gloucester to bring in ”imports” as front row crisis continues

Bringing in younger front row players to such a high level can often cause an issue for a Premiership who are challenging for the top four play-offs. Gloucester haven’t had to worry too much about that, but significantly they have looked a lot more limited since the loss of Val Rapavin Ruskin amongst others.

”I think we must import some front rowers at the moment, but other than that it looks like we’ll be fine.”

Talking about youthful step ups in the front row for Alex Seville and Ciaran Knight, Ackermann said:

”it’s a great experience for them, they will learn from that as 20-21 year olds as the season goes on.”

Ackermann gave no further detail on signings or interest.

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