“See you in San Francisco” July 2018 #RWC7s

See you in San Francisco, July 2018 #RWC7s

The date is fast approaching for the World Rugby pinnacle event. And as organizers begin to prepare the venue, it will be “see you in San Francisco, July 2018″ for the #RWC7s

An International two-day tournament for the Rugby World Cup Sevens trophy, which will be a huge challenge for all men’s and women’s teams to be properly prepared for in July. It will take place only weeks after the 2017/18 Sevens Series ends, so it will be the ‘icing on the cake’ for leading sides.

“See you in San Francisco” July 2018 #RWC7s

The competition, which features the world’s top 24 men’s and 16 women’s teams, will be played on July 20-22, at the iconic AT&T Park in San Francisco’s Bay Area. Only held once every four years, the event will be bigger than ever – with the US tournament bound to be one of the most glittering Cups ever.

Ticket sales have already surpassed 60,000 and fans can either purchase three-day passes (there is also a ticket exchange mechanism) or via the official domestic and international supporter tour programmes. Single day tickets are due to go on sale from Monday 7 May. Ticket information can be found at www.rwcsevens.com/tickets.

It will be the most widely broadcast too, with major US and worldwide channels planning to have coverage like never before.

That coverage is planned for a digital medium, viewed both on televisions and personal devices, by a bigger audience than in years past. As well, the #RWC7s are streaming through new providers across the rugby globe, who see rugby sevens as a growth sport.

Meet the Men’s and Women’s teams

The most important ingredients for a successful tournament, will be the teams. The 24-team men’s and 16-team women’s competitions is now finalised.

Eight men’s quarter-finalists from RWC7s 2013 and 2018, as well as hosts USA all qualified automatically. They were joined by the four highest ranked teams outside of these nations on the World Series (2016/17), plus the remaining 11 men’s teams that successfully negotiated the regional qualification process.

The men’s teams are seeded:

South Africa | Fiji | New Zealand | England United States |  Australia | Argentina | Scotland | Kenya | Canada | France | Wales | Samoa | Russia | Japan | Ireland | Chile | Uruguay | Hong Kong | Uganda | Zimbabwe | Jamaica | Papua New Guinea | Tonga

On the women’s draw, defending champions New Zealand are the top seeds ahead of Olympic champions and HSBC Sevens Series winners Australia. Canada are seeded third, ahead of Russia in fourth and hosts USA in fifth.

Joined by the four highest ranked teams outside of these, on the World Series (2016/17). The remaining eight women’s teams booked their tickets to San Francisco, via the regional qualification process.

The women’s teams are seeded:

New Zealand | Australia | Canada | Russia | USA | France | Fiji | England | Ireland | Spain | Japan | China | South Africa | Brazil | Papua New Guinea | Mexico

Tournament officials named here.

The Rugby World Cup Sevens (RWC7s) kicks off on Day One, July 20 with an innovative tournament format that will see every match count. That will mean in both the men’s and women’s tournament draws, sides will have to win ‘every match’ in order to be crowned World Cup winners.

Stars in Action at #RWC7s

From high school dropouts, to police officers and soldiers. From a farmer, a fisherman, to university graduates. These are the players that play the game they say, they play in heaven. No matter, the obstacles some of these players defy the odds, many fight their own circumstances to play the game they love.

Some are using 7s as a stepping stone to successful XVs career, better living standard for themselves and their families. And while competing for their country, many will make a name for themselves.

Current Olympics champions Fiji epitomize this journey. If you love thrills and spills and unorthodox ‘out of the book’ magic, then check this Fijians out. One side out of many, who can all show why rugby sevens, is so exciting to watch.

Be prepared to be dazzled with the speed of Perry Baker and Carlin Isles of the United States. Or the uncanny ability of rookies like Ireland’s Jordon Conroy, to outpace seasoned campaigners. Be dazzled with Fijian flair, the physicality of the Kiwis and the 2017/18 HSBC Sevens Series champions, South Africans. The unpredictable force that is Kenya, the determination of Australia, along with the fiery Samoan’s and Argentinians.

Emirates Dubai Rugby Sevens: HSBC Sevens World Series - Day One
Portia Woodman of New Zealand is tackled during the HSBC World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series match on December 1, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images)

In the women’s game, keep an out for Portia Woodman of New Zealand, Charlotte Caslick of Australia, along with Ghsilaine Landry of Canada. From Russia, watch Alena Mikhaltsova together with local girl Naya Tapper, and veteran Patrica Garcia of Los Leonas. They are all ‘stars in action’ during the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament.

The Lowdown, with Jovilisi Waqa

The games will be tight. The atmosphere will be electric. If Katy Perry song ‘Firework’ can remind the world of that sportsmen and women can tell their own stories of reaching their dreams, then the summer of 2018 at the AT&T Park in San Francisco will rock the rugby sevens fans minds; like the World Series or Super Bowl can.

Expect everything to be bigger and better. The players will be faster and stronger, and the celebrations will all be on show, at the #RWC7s this July.

“See you in San Francisco”


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