Good Morning Scotland Rugby … “how is the head”

Good Morning Scotland Rugby ... "how is the head"
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If anything can depict the excitement in sport, it is the joy of winning. No matter the sport, it infects the sports person. Their emotions are present, and the team dynamic exhibits it fantastically. On Saturday, Scotland Rugby wrote another chapter in their proud history. This morning, Last Word on Rugby asks “how is the head?”

The look on Scottish player Ryan Wilson’s face tells fans that he was overjoyed. The country was too, after a sensational win over their longstanding rival, England. 25-13 was the scoreline, but it was a more potent moment for the Scottish team. Triumph, and for some, the greatest moment of their careers [to date].

Celebrations for the players will have been immediate. The lap of the Murrayfield Stadium will have felt incredible. The SOLD OUT atmosphere, elevated to heights not seen in Edinburgh for many a year.

Once the team returned to their headquarters, it will have continued. Privacy must rule that ‘what happens in house, stays in house’ but you understand that the need to enjoy ones self is universal. Alcohol or no alcohol, the euphoric feeling would have seen the celebrations going long into the hours of Sunday.

Good Morning Scotland Rugby … “how is the head”

Rising on the following day’s morning, it will now be the time to switch back to professional sports person mode. To put emotion to one side–even if still respecting the result–the squad must now regroup.

For the nation, that Monday after the weekend might see some head off to work with a slightly ‘dusty feeling’. Who can blame them. It might well have been a long time between drinks, but this vintage of team, might make celebrating a more common occurrence.

As professional sportsmen, players and team members will now be returning to normality, the enormity of the occasion is still to be measured. On one hand, the team achieved a fantastic result on the field. It brought the famous Calcutta Cup back to the North of Britain.

On the otherhand, the Six Nations is the toughest championship in Test rugby. With the long history, it is steeped in records and history, how does this Test win stand in the annals of rugby folklore?

SCOvENG result reinforces Scotland Rugby status

What is does do, is reinforces the status of the team. They can be world beaters, and while the ultimate prize of an Rugby World Cup, or even a victory over New Zealand still alludes them, this vintage is much closer to excellence than many had presumed.

The home win was the biggest over England, since 1986. Considering that they were only forecasted with a one-in-three chance of victory. With the odds against them, after losing so badly to Wales in Round One, the group pulled out a famous win.

For a team who have many highs and lows how can they retain this high? That is the key, for head coach Gregor Townsend and his players. To use this result as motivation, before they face the ‘new 6 Nations favourites’ Ireland.

And they go in, having a very decent record of late;

From those highs, the side must be sure that the two week break does not diminish their enthusiasm. It must be retained, used to further bolster the sides reputation–in fact, they still hold a chance now for the 2018 title. They must recover, shake off any hangover–return to club competition–but all be ready ‘As One’ to then peak in 12 days time.

There is another positive to also consider from this weekend. The Scotland Rugby U20 side also beat England. So it appears that the next generation is also reaching high points. And that can only be good for the longterm future.

June/November Internationals, 2019 Rugby World Cup, and the Longterm

As fans, players and all Scotland Rugby supporters around the world, rise and rub their eyes this morning, they can be glad that they are not dreaming. It really occurred, the win was tangible and can be enjoyed over and over again.

If the side can perform to the expectations of the coaching group, to reinforce the past performances on multiple occasions, then take steps towards rebuilding the teams World Rugby status. That includes the June Internationals–Scotland will travel to the Americas for their Summer Tests, with games against Canada, USA and Argentina. Then in November, they face Fiji, South Africa and Los Pumas for a second time.

All this is ideal preparation towards every International teams goal–the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. The critical next step though, is to transition now to the next fixture – Ireland, in Dublin on March 10. 

Do that successfully, and the party can start all over again. And wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing, on a cold winters day in Scotland.


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