Super Rugby Statement from SANZAAR

SANZAAR Headshots Session

Super Rugby Statement from SANZAAR

Media were this afternoon presented a press release from SANZAAR – South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina Rugby.

“Following two days of robust discussion there are a number of tournament considerations that now require further discussion and consultation. This includes final consultation within the National Unions and discussion with key stakeholders that would allow the adoption of changes proposed by the strategic plan,” stated SANZAAR CEO Andy Marinos.

“SANZAAR will make a formal statement on the future of the organisation, Super Rugby and the tournament format in the coming days once these further meetings have been concluded,” added Marinos (see main picture).

The interpretation of said media statement can be seen in two ways. If nothing has been decided, then the executive are looking to delay any announcement–meetings may progress over this weekend.

Others may see the statement as being countenance to upcoming developments. This has been on the table for sometime, so it should happen sooner rather than later.

Any Further Delay May Create a Lack of Confidence

Last Word On Rugby feel that the more time taken, only further creates a lack of confidence. Also, any announcement hardly having time to take on-board very much from the 2017 season, So in essence, the findings will have been made already, and the information now just needs to be formalized.

Marinos and the heads of all four SANZAAR partners might look to hold a group press conference early next week–but any longer, and certainly if not fronted by a representative–the future direction must be direct, and clear for all stakeholders.

LWOR cannot present any of the speculation as ‘news’. The talk of 20 teams, or of South Africa making a bold move to drop two sides, are unhelpful because it only feeds the confusion. This organisation would hope for a speedy and clear declaration, and will report on the formal announcement at the earliest possible time.

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