Joshi Watch: Ayumi Hayashi


“Wasshoi” is a chant used to inspire one another and build strength. This chant is often tied to Japanese festivals, meant as a celebratory exclamation. When shouted to the skies, it’s been said that this chant can inspire and bring people together in harmony. Such a spirited chant calls for a spirited personality, and in […] READ MORE

Joshi Watch: Maki Itoh


Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW) has been getting pretty popular with the western audience lately and some of that success is down to the social media popularity of one of their stars. The foul-mouthed fired idol Maki Itoh has been quickly growing in popularity since debuting in 2016 but just who exactly is she? Maki […] READ MORE

Joshi Watch: Suzu Suzuki


At just 18 years of age, Suzu Suzuki has ascended to the top of the mountain in Ice Ribbon and already won their top championship the ICExInfinity Championship.  As we near the two-year anniversary of her debut let’s take a look back at the explosive career of Ice Ribbon’s newest top star. Chirin Chirin Chirin From […] READ MORE

Joshi Watch: An Chamu


With big, beautiful eyes and a bubbly personality, An Chamu possesses a valiant fighting spirit. Recently, she’s returned to her stomping grounds of Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling, appearing on multiple episodes of ChocoPro. However, she has been with the company, as well as other organizations, long before then. From modeling to martial arts to professional […] READ MORE

Joshi Watch: Yuu


Armed with a bright smile and a hellish chop, Yuu is equal parts earnest and hard-hitting. As one of the premier powerhouses in the joshi puroresu scene, she has carved a name for herself in relatively short order. Whether in England, Germany, the United States, or her home country of Japan, the aspirations of the […] READ MORE

Joshi Watch: Arisa Nakajima


When discussing the greatest women’s wrestlers in Japan today, room in the discussion must be made for Arisa Nakajima. Having started her career at a young age, the former SEAdLINNNG Beyond the Sea Champion built an incredible reputation. In fact, depending on who’s asked, Nakajima may just be the very best wrestler in the joshi […] READ MORE

Joshi Watch: Saki Akai


Saki Akai makes for an interesting case study of Joshi pro wrestling, also a case of how someone can improve given the chance and time. With a height at around five foot nine inches, she stands above many of her female opponents, and around the same size of some of her male opponents. As you […] READ MORE

Joshi Watch: Hyper Misao


Can professional wrestling save a life? Surrounded by all the dark stories, it seems unlikely that professional wrestling has that ability. But with Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling’s (TJPW) resident protector of Peace and Love Hyper Misao that was just the case. Before her story can begin, it begins with one of Dramatic Dream Team‘s signature […] READ MORE

Joshi Watch: SAKI

With a colorful presentation and a love for entertaining, SAKI is one of the most eye-catching figures in the world of joshi puroresu. Her reputation spans numerous promotions, from Pro Wrestling WAVE to Gatoh Move Pro Wrestling to her current home in Actwres girl’Z. In addition to being a solid singles and tag team wrestler, […] READ MORE

Joshi Watch: Sayuri

Standing at five feet, what Sayuri lacks in stature, she makes up in sheer heart and tenacity. The young upstart in red and black started her professional wrestling vocation this past summer and has been steadily building knowledge ever since. Though the native of Chiba, Japan may not have the same degree of strength as […] READ MORE