#AndNEW: Eruption Wins KO-D Tag Team Titles

Eruption KO-D

At Road to Ultimate Party 2020, Eruption and Nautilus faced off in two matches to determine the top team of the tag division. It could’ve gone any number of directions. Keep in mind that this challenge was split into two different title matches. At the end of the night, Eruption walked out holding both the KO-D Six-Man Tag Team Title and the KO-D Tag Team Title.

The matches were back-to-back. At the beginning, it was Eruption vs DISASTER BOX which consisted of Nautilus and Kazuki Hirata. After many attempts to get a flash pinfall over Yukio Sakaguchi, which would’ve repeated their match last week, Hirata was unable to be the difference-maker. At the end of that match, Yuki Ueno fell to a rear-naked choke sleeper from Sakaguchi, securing Eruption’s third title defense. Hirata and Saki Akai cleared the ring, leaving room for the Tag Team Title match right after a rest period and the teams to switch corners.

The story of the Tag Team Title match was mostly on how Naomi Yoshimura had to pick up the extra slack. Not only was Ueno dazed from the prior match but strikes from Sakaguchi. Eventually, the champions were able to secure a near fall. However, it was their last gasp after a headbutt and a Goten from fellow powerhouse Kazusada Higuchi. Nautilus’s reign came to a close on their attempt to defend the title for the eighth time.

Both the Tag and Six-Man Tag Team Titles will not be on the line at Ultimate Party, but DISASTER BOX will be getting another shot at Eruption. They will face off in a four-way trios match, one representative of DISASTER BOX being Naomi Yoshimura. At the same time, Eruption won’t know who they’ll be defending either belt against. However, they have thrown names around for the tag titles. Most notable among said names was the team of Masato Tanaka and Shigehiro Irie, which the four went to a time limit draw against earlier this month.

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