Victory Through Guts – A Joshi Podcast: AJW January 4th 1990 Review

Victory Through Guts A Joshi Podcast
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Victory Through Guts: A Joshi Podcast is a new podcast from two of our contributors Alex Richards and Dylan Murray as they take a journey through All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling (AJW) starting with episode 1 which sees them review the January 4th 1990 show which saw a new WWWA World Champion Crowned

In this episode they discuss:

  • Match by match thoughts on the card
  • Analysis of the booking decisions especially the choice of new champion
  • A look at AJW’s lessened main event scene in 1990

“On the inaugural edition of the Victory Through Guts (VTG) Joshi Wrestling Podcast, Dylan (@XXIchiban) and Alex (@LWOSPWAlexR) review the first AJW show of the ’90s. The show featured Dream Orca vs Akira Hokuto & Yumiko Hotta, as well as Bull Nakano‘s 3WA Championship victory on January 4th, 1990 in Korakeun Hall. Please enjoy!”

The podcast can be found on Anchor FM and Spotify

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