CM Punk Officially Returning…To WWE Backstage

CM Punk

It has happened. CM Punk is back ladies and gentleman. He will be talking WWE on and off for the foreseeable future starting next week as he join WWE Backstage on FOX Sports 1. The rumors were out weeks ago to the point where Punk was seemingly at the forefront of becoming the co-host. While those rumors died down, it seems as though FOX has delivered, with CM Punk making a return in any format for the first time since 2014.

Punk is one of, if not the, biggest fan favorites possibly ever. His cult following and the continuous “CM Punk” chants for the past six years never truly went away. His career in the WWE helped open avenues that were never believed to be open before as “The Straight Edge Savior” was really the “Voice of the Voiceless” for so many fans and wrestlers who never got a chance. Now with the landscape of WWE completely different from when he left, CM Punk will give his honest opinions week in and week out as we know he will not by any means be a corporate guy because that is not who he is. 

For those who may forget, CM Punk is the longest reigning WWE Champion in the “modern era”, as his reign lasted from 434 days. He left WWE following the 2014 Royal Rumble, walking out of the company as enough was enough. His famous podcast with his now former friend Colt Cabana led to Punk being sued by the WWE. It was not until this year that Punk seemed more open than ever to have some type of return, making it clear that the lawsuit and the way he left were things of the past and he’s always willing to listen. While he will be reporting to FOX rather than the WWE, this will be the first time he gives any feelings towards the product and gives hope to the fans that hoped to see him inside a WWE ring one last time.

Oh how times have changed. As a fan, enjoy this. CM Punk officially returns to talking WWE next week at 11 pm on “WWE Backstage”!

Here is the surreal moment from the show:

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