Signs Point to AAA Return for Pentagon Jr. and Fenix

In today’s edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that a return to AAA in Mexico from the Lucha Brothers, Fenix and Pentagon Jr., was coming. Meltzer mentioned it in passing when talking about the possible return of Konnan to his old spot as head booker.

 “This comes at the same time that Pentagon Jr. and Fenix and AAA have agreed to stop their issues. The end result is that they will be known as Pentagon Jr. and Fenix on U.S. television, names they had been prohibited from using, most notably with Impact and MLW. AAA will also be allowed to license and market those names and will drop any legal issues with the two of them for using the names Penta 0M and Rey Fenix on independent shows in the U.S.”, one of the internet’s most reliable news sites for Lucha Libre news, reported similar news, stating they’d “heard the same story, with more detail than in the story. Fenix & Penta will not be wrestling in Tijuana on tomorrow’s show, and may not be wrestling in AAA a lot. They would not be back to AAA full time and would not be under contract to AAA.” They both also noted that the former Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Tag Team champions would probably be working as independent wrestler and not signing a contract, leaving them room to work with both The Crash and AAA, which is the same deal that Blue Demon Jr.

Photo: Impact Wrestling

This also come just days away from Impact Wrestling having on their Redemption PPV, a triple threat main event with Austin Aries defending his Impact Wrestling World title against Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. In that show, the Lucha Brothers will be wrestling with their regular names, and not their modified names that they are usually using to avoid legal threats from AAA (Penta El 0M & Rey Fenix). This is the biggest clue of a return, since some months ago, Konnan noted on his podcast that when he went to AAA to sort out their differences, management told him that as long as Fenix and Pentagon Jr. were wrestling for The Crash and didn’t comeback, they would never be at peace with them (with Konnan and The Crash).

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix were a huge lost and part of Konnan’s bitter departure from AAA one year ago. Since leaving AAA, Fenix and Penta, and the promotions that they work with, have face legal threats over the use of the Lucha Brothers. Penta 0M and Rey Fenix are one of the biggest tag team in the independent scene today, with them being regulars in super indie promotions like PWG, All American Wrestling (AAW), wXw in Germany and notably The Crash. They are also notable names in Lucha Underground, which were key parts in their rise to prominence in El Rey Network.

Photo: El Rey Network / Lucha Underground

This all will depend on the rumoured return of former booker, Konnan, to AAA. Meltzer noted that wrestlers from both promotions (The Crash and AAA) think that Konnan’s return is imminent. Some have noted that Rey Mysterio’s return to AAA for Verano de Escándalo is a sign of this. Lucha Blog continued that “Konnan coming back is not official at this point. It’s wrestling, so until it happens, it hasn’t actually happened. Everything points to it happening Friday night if it’s going to happen. Tijuana is as close to San Diego as they’re going to get and Konnan making a point in the home building of the last group that cut ties with him (The Crash) are all reasons.”

If this were to happen, AAA would get a new push, since all of their big stars have exited from AAA, which was the case for Mesias, Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkyrie. Fénix and Pentagón are arguably the biggest Mexican draws today outside of wrestlers from CMLL, they could have a great impact on AAA’s effort to expand to US soil and in the world with Twitch.

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