Super Bowl Prop Bets: The 4 Easiest Bets That Anyone Can Make

You don’t have to be an NFL fan to enjoy the Super Bowl. While it’s the biggest day of the year for many football fanatics, a large portion of party-goers are just there for the cold drinks and seven-layer dip.

And that’s just fine.

But for those that want a little skin in the game, even if they don’t know the difference between a muffed punt and a flea flicker – we’ve got your back. Here are the four easiest Super Bowl prop bets that anyone can make.

The four easiest Super Bowl Prop bets to make

The Super Bowl brings a lot of fun and exotic prop bets that allow anyone to get in the game.

If you want a little action but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered with a few options that don’t require any prior football knowledge.

Here are five easy bets that will keep you captivated from kickoff to the postgame celebrations.

Coin toss

In the Super Bowl, some bets are settled before the game even begins.

The coin toss bet is a true 50/50 proposition and one of the most popular prop bets you’ll find at online sportsbooks.

The best odds for this bet can be found at DraftKings sportsbook. New customers will also receive a welcome offer for signing up. So, what’s it gonna be? Tails never fails, or heads always wins?

Jersey number

Don’t know a single player’s name in the big game? No sweat – you can bet on your favorite number.

This is a super fun bet, and there are a few ways to do it. You can wager on the number of the first touchdown scorer, the last touchdown scorer, and the combined jersey numbers of all touchdown scorers.

The over/under format makes this a simple bet that can last the entire game.

Kick to hit post

Want a reason to get excited every time a kick is attempted? Of course, you do!

You can bet on a kick to hit the goal post and produce that familiar doink sound that football fans will either love or hate depending on their side.

There will be multiple field goal and extra point attempts throughout the game, so you’ll have plenty of chances to win this bet.

Gatorade bath

The Gatorade bath is the perfect bookend to a day of Super Bowl betting.

This rich tradition has been a Super Bowl requisite since the 80s, and each year a head coach gets showered with icy electrolytes to celebrate victory.

Your job is to pick that color that soaks the coach. Here’s how the rainbow has been distributed over the last 20 years.

Orange 5

Blue      4

Clear     4

None     3

Yellow  2

Purple   2