Scout Talk: Kellen Mond – Quarterback – Texas A&M

Kellen Mond

Kellen Mond is a Junior who has potential, but should he declare in this low-depth quarterback class?

Name: Kellen Mond
Position: Quarterback
College: Texas A&M
Height:  6’2’’
Weight: 217
Draft Grade: fourth round
Draft Projection: fifth to seventh round

Scout Talk: Texas A&M Quarterback Kellen Mond

Athletic Ability

Mond is a good, speedy athlete who uses his coordination to help him in the pocket and when he decides to run. He is a threat if teams don’t pressure him with discipline.


Throughout the 2019 season, Mond played behind a shaky offensive line all year, but never showed fear while standing in the pocket. Even when Texas A&M was down he managed to keep fighting. From comments around the team, Mond seems to be an unselfish player who turned into a leader this season. He’s not as consistent or productive as his talent level.

Mental Alertness

Mond has progressed as a passer throughout his career, has good instincts, and seems to be a model citizen off the field. On the field, he seems to lose concentration at times which messes with his throwing mechanics.


He plays with good strength, but with his frame, it’s easy to question whether or not he’ll be able to take a beating as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Position Skill

Kellen Mond is inconsistent with his mechanics and has a good arm. While he has very good short accuracy, he struggles with his intermediate and deep accuracy. He doesn’t make as many big plays as you would expect with someone with his skill set, and sometimes forces throws that he won’t get away with at the next level. Needs to work on his touch. He’s a work in progress throwing the ball.


Mond’s mathematical grade comes to a fourth round. If he were to come out this year, I would see him going between the fifth to seventh rounds. However, it’s unlikely he will declare for the draft. He has a good ceiling that would put him in the middle of tier two for quarterbacks. Yet his floor is that of someone who would be a fringe developmental or second-tier professional player. He has a lot of skills but needs to show consistency in several areas before becoming more than a developmental player. Another year in college could turn him into a second-round selection if he puts up big numbers.

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