Nico Rosberg’s 2016 Fall From Grace

Nico Rosberg has not only seen his points lead disappear, but also the respect he had from his fellow drivers. Truly, Nico Rosberg’s 2016 season has seen him go through a tremendous fall from grace.

Nico Rosberg’s 2016 Season

What Could Have Been

2014 could have been Nico Rosberg’s year, and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix his crowning achievement. Although he was down seventeen points, Rosberg had a chance to win his first world title. However, electrical issues handed the title to his teammate Lewis Hamilton while Rosberg finished 14th. 2015 saw the dominance of Hamilton, who easily claimed his second consecutive title by the United States Grand Prix. Through four of the first five races this season, Rosberg dominated with win after win while Hamilton struggled. That is until the Spanish Grand Prix, which can be seen as the beginning of the end of Rosberg’s season.

Spain to Germany

At the end of turn three on the first lap, Rosberg was in front of his teammate. However, due to Rosberg being in the wrong engine setting, he slowed down while Hamilton quickly closed the gap. Rosberg blocked Hamilton, forcing Hamilton off the track. Hamilton lost control of his car and crashed into Rosberg. This resulted in the first double DNF for since Mercedes he 2011 Australian Grand Prix. Many were quick to blame either driver. Former F1 driver Anthony Davidson sided with Hamilton, while F1 legend Jackie Stewart stated that “Hamilton is to blame… You don’t go for it on the first lap.

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