Former WHL Player Files Abuse Complaint, Spurs Investigation by League

WHL player

An unnamed former WHL player has filed an abuse complaint to the league. He alleges that during his time in the league he was a victim of sexual and physical abuse from teammates of his. This complaint comes shortly after Dan Carcillo filed a class-action lawsuit on the CHL and it’s 60 clubs for similar allegations.

WHL Player Files Abuse Complaint

On Saturday the 20th, the player sent an email to the league office regarding his complaint. The email was also sent to TSN offices asking that information like his name, the teams he played for, and the time he was in the league remain anonymous. He alleges that on numerous occasions, two teammates targeted abuse towards him and other players. The player alleges that he and other rookies received abuse from the same players as well. In the email, he alleges that while rehabbing from injury, pucks were fired towards him on the ice. When confronted, the two perpetrators sucker-punched him.

According to the complaint, the two players were traded away to another club following the incident. The third player also confronted the victim and apologized, hoping this wouldn’t cause him to quit the team. In the complaint, the player touches on how before his abuse, he was a bright NHL prospect. But after he sustained the alleged physical abuse, he became an angry, self-isolated person consumed by alcohol abuse.

A spokesperson for the league confirmed on Tuesday that the league will open an investigation regarding the complaint. This is a developing story. As such, more reliable information is sure to come to light as the WHL investigates the alleged incidents. Like the case against the CHL, the league will have an opportunity to respond to these allegations and provide a defence in court.

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