Last Word on Habs Pod: Montreal Canadiens Draft and Free Agency Spectacular

Montreal Canadiens Draft
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The Last Word on Habs Pod is brought to you by the Last Word on Sports Network. Co-hosted by the LWOH Montreal Canadiens team manager Connor Lapalme and Johannes Wheeldon, it is a weekly look at the Habs and features guests from the Last Word on Sports community and others. Join us for smart takes, controversial opinions, and news you can use about the Montreal Canadiens.

Montreal Canadiens Draft and Free Agency Spectacular

On this very special edition of the pod, Connor and Johannes talk all things Habs offseason. To help them along, the guys bring in two very knowledgeable guests. Both guests (and Johannes) break down the Habs biggest needs this offseason and how they might go about filling them.

First off, Ben Kerr joins the guys to take a deep dive into the NHL draft. The conversation starts with the Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues. Ben talks about the dangers of playing the copycat game in the NHL. Enough about the other teams, this is a Habs pod. Obviously, the guys want to know who Ben thinks would be a good fit for the Montreal Canadiens Draft. Connor throws some names at Ben for his thoughts. Johannes wonders about trading, while Connor wants to know about sleepers.

Next, the guys bring in TSN 690’s Joey Alfieri. The guys discuss the draft as well but focus more on juicy Habs rumours. Erik Karlsson, Matt Duchene, Shayne Gostisbehere and the Habs 15th overall pick are all discussed. No interview would be complete without some drama. Connor (stupidly) starts a salacious rumour that might land Joey in some hot water with his family.

All this and Joey’s rise in the Montreal radio ranks, the Laval Rockets press pass rules and much much more.


*NOTE: Unfortunately, there was an audio issue for Connor during the recording of the Ben Kerr interview. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Be sure to follow Ben Kerr on twitter @lastwordbkerr. Read Ben’s work on prospects and the NHL draft at Last Word on Hockey.

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The Last Word on Habs Podcast is brought to you by the Last Word on Sports Network. Co-hosted by the Montreal Canadiens team managers Connor Lapalme and Johannes Wheeldon, it is a weekly look at the Habs, news, notes, arguments, and aspirations. It features guests from the Last Word on Sports community.

Johannes Wheeldon is a father, author, college professor, and criminal justice consultant. Mostly he is a Habs fan with plenty of opinions. Contact him on twitter @justicelawdev.

Connor Lapalme is a writer and editor of the Last Word on Hockey. A passionate Hockey and Habs fans, Connor is never afraid to share his opinion. Contact him on twitter @Connor_Lapalme.

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