Report: Adrian Kempe Signs New Deal with the Los Angeles Kings

Adrian Kempe Signs

Young forward Adrian Kempe signs a new deal to remain with the Los Angeles Kings, according to reports. After a stellar campaign, he has been locked up for four years, Pierre LeBrun has reported on Twitter. Rob Blake has built this team-up, and Kempe remains an essential part of it.

Adrian Kempe Signs New Contract With The Kings

The Los Angeles Kings forward is not going anywhere. After a rocking campaign for himself, he earned the rights to an extension. In 78 games played this season, Kempe finished with 35 goals, 19 assists and 54 points. His 35 goals led the team this season, and his 54 points ranked second behind captain Anze Kopitar. His expected goals was 30.3 and has exceeded those expectations by scoring 35. Averaging 2.24 points per 60 minutes, he has become the offensive player they’ve been looking for.

The former 2014 first-round pick has spent his entire career with the Kings. Before breaking out this season, Kempe was a consistent 30-point producer providing necessary secondary scoring for the team. Up until this season, he has never surpassed the 20-goal mark leaving this breakout quite the surprise.

Rob Blake has done well rebuilding the Los Angeles Kings. After making the playoffs this past season, he will be looking to build upon that. After seeing the forward breakout, it was a no-brainer for him to make the extension. Blake has found a winger to play consistently with Anze Kopitar, and they can now continue their chemistry for the foreseeable future. A player that is a homegrown talent and climbed the ranks up the lineup stays with the team.

What It Means For the Los Angeles Forward

After spending his entire career in Los Angeles, locking up a longer-term deal to remain in Los Angeles was suitable for Kempe. A team that is on the rise and having the prospect talent it has coming up, it’s a no-brainer Kempe wanted to stay. Finding his niche on the top line alongside captain Anze Kopitar gives him an excellent opportunity to succeed.