The History of NHL Fans and How You Can Become One

NHL Fans

Since the NHL’s creation, the league has had its devout fans, the ones that attend every match and follow the leader boards religiously. Although there is a treasure trove of information about the NHL, less attention is paid to its fans. However, fans are the league’s lifeblood, and here is a summary of everything that you need to know about NHL fans and how you can become one yourself.

NHL Fan Traditions

Since 1917, one element of the fan experience that has not changed is the traditions that have become an integral part of the NHL. For instance, fans of the Oakland Raiders will know that it is Halloween every day as fans dress in as many scary and intimidating costumes as possible in order to scare the other team into losing. However, the Philadelphia Eagles have a more jubilant way to support their team, and that is through singing ‘Fly, Eagles, Fly’ before every match.

Memorable Moments

Although the NHL fans have their traditions, this does not mean that they do not sometimes participate in the unexpected, and there has been an assortment of memorable events occurring at NHL stadiums. From a fan throwing a drink onto the Flames’ assistant coach’s head, to waffles being thrown onto the ice, NHL fans will do anything to make their support known to their favourite team.

Celebrated Players

Every league has their favourite players, though, and some of the top hockey personalities in history have had a profound impact on their fans. For instance, players like Chris Chelios seems to have the adoration of fans wherever he goes due to his long stints at different teams, including those where he was rivals with former teammates. Fans can make or break a hockey player’s career, and it is clear that fans have been helping their favourites to succeed from the very start.

Digital Connection

Now, in the 21st century, fans of the game can connect with their favourite teams through the Internet. Whether that be on social media, where each team advertise their upcoming games and interact with NHL fans, or using the official digital platforms that have been set up during the coronavirus pandemic, fans have never been closer to their favourite teams before.

Becoming a Fan

Then, if you want to become a fan yourself, it is important that you read up about the latest NHL events and the history behind them, from the NHL’s roots to their expansion throughout the early part of the 20th century. This still has an impact on the organization today. You should also do your reading about the game itself and watch both old and new matches to get a flavour of the vibrant history backing the NHL.

As you have seen from the fan support of certain players, a large part of being a fan is about celebrating a team’s victories with them. One of the best ways in which you can do this is to follow NHL scores and standings from Oddsshark. Their comprehensive listings allow you to be able to keep track of wins and losses from any location.

Lastly, you should also buy fan memorabilia and other merchandise that can help you to show your support at the game and around the house. This can also help you to be recognized by other fans and help you to mix in with the vibrant fan community that is still thriving today.

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