Joan Laporta: ’Everything Going Well for Lionel Messi Contract’

Lionel Messi Contract

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has been quick to make assurances over the Lionel Messi contract situation, telling La Sexta: “Everything is going well for Leo Messi’s contract.”

The news will be music to Barcelona fans’ ears until they look further into the situation. As things stand, they reportedly cannot register any new signings after exceeding the La Liga salary cap. It seems a rookie mistake yet one Barcelona are becoming known for making.

What used to be the greatest football show in the world is now nothing more than a circus, with one clown act after another. The fact is, just when fans believed a new era was starting, they have been sucked back into one they’d rather forget.

Laporta: ’Everything Going Well for Lionel Messi Contract’

Barcelona Facing Issues Once More

Reports suggest that Messi’s contract is a matter of when and not if and that may be true, but will the new deal even allow Messi to play? As it stands, Sergio Aguero cannot be registered; neither can Eric Garcia or, indeed, Memphis Depay. And if their salaries force Barcelona over the cap placed in La Liga, then surely they’ve got no chance of registering their highest earner in Lionel Messi?

Just when it looked like Barcelona were on course for a comeback, crisis has struck once more at the Nou Camp. It looked near impossible for the situation to get worse, both on and off the pitch. But here they are, potentially entering the La Liga campaign with a worse squad than the one they ended last season with.

The main goal will be to finalise contract talks with Lionel Messi. After that, however, they must find a way of shifting some expensive deadwood. If they fail to do so, they may run the risk of beginning the new season without key signings made in the summer.

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