Mikel Arteta is Close to Finding Strongest Arsenal Team but Must Add Depth

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The Arsenal season under Arteta has undeniably been full of several lows, and not so many highs. When things look as though they are beginning to fall into place, they crumble within a moments notice. But that’s what a transitional period does. It allows for experimentation, which will, in part, lead to failure, but in the end, success. 

Despite the poor results, Mikel Arteta is beginning to find diamonds within the ruble of needless players in the Arsenal ranks and is starting to discover his strongest line-up. 

Players such as Emile Smith Rowe, Bukayo Saka and Kieran Tierney are forming the foundations and glimpses of what could potentially come of the newest Arsenal project. 

With a foundation of talent in place, the task must now be to add sustainability and squad depth to ensure a change of direction for the Arsenal future- starting with cover for Kieran Tierney.
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Arteta Close to Finding Best Team but Must Add Depth

Arsenal Looking for Tierney Cover

In a 38-game season, as much as we all wish players could play in every single game, their bodies will not allow for such strain- especially when considering the cup fixtures in between. 

For that reason, squad depth is vital when attempting to secure a place in the top six; the insurance that when a key player falls, another can adequately step up is equally as important than the starting player themselves. 

Look at Leicester City last season, for example. Without the goals of Jamie Vardy, who burnt out without rest due to inadequate squad depth, the Foxes crumbled in their top-four charge. 

Now, with the addition of depth- both in attack and defence- Brendan Rodgers’ side look as balanced and re-energised than ever. Arteta must follow in the footsteps of Leicester by adding depth to cover for the likes of Saka, Tierney and Smith Rowe who represent Arsenal’s best moments this season.

He is beginning to build a starting line-up worthy of Europe, but when a star is missing; a diamond he discovered amongst the rough rocks; at the Emirates, it is noticeable for all to see. 

So, according to The Athletic, the plan is set. As reported by David Ornstein, the Gunners will begin their pursuit for a backup to Kieran Tierney this summer whose absence takes far too much quality away from Arteta’s side. 

That should be the starting point of a crucial summer for Arsenal, too, who have already shown signs of an improved business model in January by sacrificing Mesut Ozil and Sokratis to advocate for the arrival of Martin Odegaard. 

Arsenal Must Find Consistency Under Arteta

It goes without saying that, if you want a place amongst the elite, consistency is the key to unlocking the doors to find a seat that very table. For Arsenal, the discovery of that key is a long way away; first, they must find their best team. 

As previously alluded, Arteta is close to finding that. And when he does find it, he must build a squad on top of a capable set of 11 players. Then, and only then, will the Spaniard find both consistency and success at Arsenal.

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