Rules, Points Scoring and Prizes


Team composition: at least four batsmen, at least one wicket-keeper, at least one all-rounder, at least three bowlers.

You must have at least four players from each country.

All entries must be submitted online prior to the first ball of the First Test match on August 1st at 11:00. Any late entries will not be included in points scoring for the First Test match.

You can make three changes in between each Test match.

Points Scoring


Each run scored: 1 point

Bonus for scoring a fifty: 15 points

Bonus for scoring a hundred: 30 points

Bonus for scoring a double hundred: 50 points

Every four: 2 points

Every six: 5 points

Not out bonus: 10 points


First wicket: 20 points

Second wicket: 20 points

Third wicket: 30 points (10 additional points for every subsequent wicket)

Five-wicket haul: 40 point bonus

Every maiden over: 5 points


Catch: 10 Points

Being involved in a run-out: 5 points

Stumping: 15 points


Captain: Double points

Man of the match: 30 Points


To be announced soon.

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